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  • Atiny have y'all seen this?? Look where it's from... #ateez #에이티즈 @ATEEZofficial - Miss Meme 🥂 미스 미미
  • 'It's so cute, he came up to me & said: "Me?" & I was like "yeah, you" & he said, "what about 1 of the guys who speaks better English? & I was like, "yo, rap in Korean. That's what your good at".'   Halsey Noo Yoongi, he's too adorable @BTS_twt - cestlavie_90💜⁷
  • read this!!!! - mingi's toe suckr
  • What's your favorite #bts-#txt moment? - Soompi
  • Halsey revealed Suga was unsure if he was the right person out of BTS! It was cute, he came up to me & said Me? I was like ‘yeah you’ Suga also revealed on vlive he was surprised that Halsey asked him to be on the album since he couldn’t rap in English ( - Yoongi Press
  • Emilia Clarke's "New Main Squeeze" Is Too Cute For Words - E! News
  • The comfy sneakers Kelly Ripa wears during her commute are so damn cute. - InStyle
  • Let's have a heart to heart about Tom Steyer. I agree his stanning Bernie is cute to see but keep your guard up, Bernie fam. Up until he decided to run for POTUS, he sat on Neera Tanden's C.A.P. board of directors. Proceed with caution everybody. - Lisa Marie Akin🌹🔥✌💖
  • Amazon Shoppers Say This Knit Sweater Is So Cute They Get Compliments Every Time They Wear It - PeopleStyle
  • 8 Cute Interactions Between #bts and #txt That Warmed Our Hearts - Soompi
  • Hey!!!!! @forbes you’ve got it all wrong with your cute little insider terms. You don’t know Jack squat. I’m not a “heel”. Everyone else is fake and I’m the only one left that’s real. Solid read though. #nogimmicksnecessary #igotbars #betterthanyou - Maxwell Jacob Friedman™️
  • For a limited time, flat fanatics can score 20% off full-priced shoes at Anthropologie. - HuffPost Women
  • From cute to cool: Young Japanese women turning to mature Chinese-style makeup - The Mainichi (Japan)
  • Here's the Buzzfeed piece published yesterday: - Bree
  • If Yoona, who showed off her cute, young and lively charm in 'CA' and seduced Hyun Bin appeared as a cameo on 'Crash Landing On You', Son Ye Jin's jealousy was predicted to reach its peak." - ʏᴏᴏɴᴀᴅɪғᴀʜ
  • Target !! Go to the bathroom before you go to target !! - EdwHahn
  • This Cute and Comfortable PJ Set Will Make You Feel Like You Have Your Life Together - People
  • The post-apocalyptic world of KIPO AND THE AGE OF WONDERBEASTS is cute and terrifying and made me wonder about end-of-the-world storytelling in kids cartoons. - Tracy Brown
  • From cute cubs to fierce adults, tigers at the Siberian Tiger Park play and enjoy a feast in the snowy landscape in China. - ABC News





it looks cyoot tho At least my heart falled even more for him not died just bc of sexc ness lmao ..

it looks cyoot tho At least my heart falled even more for him not died just bc of sexc ness lmao .. . .. . {🌚} see my story for more shit content {🖇️} Follow @btslobus_ fo...