Photos and videos taken in


Photos and videos taken in Kiev
  • Rudy Giuliani is continuing a series of meetings in Kiev as part of a bid to keep digging for dirt on Trump's political rivals, even as House Democrats are proceeding to draw up articles of impeachment against the President for his dealings with Ukraine. - CNN
  • Ukrainian lawmaker claims to have met Rudy Giuliani in Kiev - carol gibbs
  • Ukrainian lawmaker releases photos of meeting with Rudy Giuliani in Kiev as the pair 'discussed misuse of US taxpayer money by the country's state bodies' via - Cindy
  • Wait, How Do You Pronounce Kiev? - bel
  • Prosecutors have now made contact with US Emb official in Kiev, Suriya Jayanti, who also listened in on that Kyiv restaurant phone call from Trump to Sondland. They've also reached out to other officials with knowledge of the Ghoul crew's Naftogaz scheme. - Agenthades
  • 34. #qanon Biblical Rudy Giuliani has traveled to Kiev this week to meet Ukrainian officials for a documentary series. “Among other things, there are facts about the inefficient use of American taxpayers’ $$$ by representatives of Ukrainian state bodies.” - DocRock1007 🇺🇸
  • "The Russian propaganda machine has been switched to maximum," he said. "They have activated every agent of influence." Kiev's protesters: Ukraine uprising was no neo-Nazi power-grab | March 13, 2014 - Jay McKenzie
  • Kiev will host a big Neo-Nazi music festival this weekend. It will feature Nazi salutes, praise of Hitler, Holocaust denial & open calls for violence. What's more, you can bet US/UK media hacks in Ukraine will ignore it. - Bryan MacDonald
  • Let’s pray he comes back alive. C’mon, we need him to testify... - Ö𝖙𝖟𝖎’𝖘 𝖑𝖆𝖘𝖙 𝖒𝖊𝖆𝖑
  • Too funny. Rudy Giuliani's latest activities in Budapest and Kiev are so above board that he won't say whether he's keeping Trump in the loop on them: - Greg Sargent
  • The impeachment committee report disclosed a nine-minute call between Giuliani and "-1" on 4/24. The call ended at ~6:51 PM Yovanovitch told the committee that she got the call ordering her back to DC on 4/25 at ~1 AM Kiev time That's 7 PM in Washington - Lachlan Markay
  • US President Donald Trump’s personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani returns to Ukraine, shrugging off the scandal over seeking dirt from Kiev on rival Democrats. - Al Arabiya English
  • PLEASE READ via @politico: Ukrainian efforts to sabotage Trump backfire. Kiev officials are scrambling to make amends with the president-elect after quietly working to boost Clinton. | written by @kenvogel and @loydstern READ & RETWEET & COMMENT - Sara A. Carter
  • #europaleague #arsenal @Arsenal roar back to win group; Kiev, Lazio go out READ: - TOI Sports
  • Arsenal have come from two goals down to draw away to Standard Liege and win their group while Dynamo Kiev and Lazio crashed out of the #europaleague - The Age Sport
  • The annual Asgardsrei festival in Kiev is shockingly open about staging far-right bands with anti-Semitic, violent lyrics, yet the mainstream media seems prepared to give it a pass as it returns this weekend -
  • Just a Bunch of Rust: Why Russia's Kiev-Class Aircraft Carriers Failed - Jairo Rodriguez
  • Ukraine's efforts to sabotage Trump backfire By KENNETH P. VOGEL @kenvogel - Linda Marie Lovison





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