Photos and videos taken in

Saudi Arabia

Photos and videos taken in Saudi Arabia
  • Almost 4 years after Mohammed bin Salman first said Saudi Arabia’s state oil giant was worth $2 trillion, the crown prince finally proved his point - Bloomberg
  • Saudi Arabia - three of their officers were allegedly seen filming the shooting - Clint Watts
  • BREAKING: A U.S. official says the suspect in the shooting at the Naval Air Station in Pensacola was an aviation student from Saudi Arabia. Authorities are investigating if the shooting was terrorism-related. - The Associated Press
  • A Saudi national committed a terrorist act on our soil, taking the lives of three servicemen, and the President of the United States is doing PR for the Saudi government. Shameful - Ilhan Omar
  • Saudi Arabia is ending the requirement that restaurants have two separate entrances: one for families and unaccompanied women and another for single men - Bloomberg
  • Trump told reporters that the king “will take care of the families and loved ones of the victims.” Sorry, but Americans don’t need blood money from the Saudis. What they need are honest answers to figure out what happened and why. My column: - Max Boot
  • NEW: Obama gave the Saudis record arms deals & support in killing thousands of civilians in Yemen. Now Biden & former officials are urging a course correction. The former president is silent. "The Khashoggi thing is over a year old," Susan Rice told me. - Akbar Shahid Ahmed
  • ‘There’s a morality to it’: Rory McIlroy turns down Saudi Arabia event - The Guardian
  • 3/ So the Sauds are going to pony up & "compensate" Pensacola families. How much will the AMERICAN government compensate victims of lax, deadly military training partnerships & billion-dollar weapons deals with jihad-coddling countries? - Michelle Malkin
  • Trump’s first instinct is to defend Saudi Arabia — even after a member of the Saudi military shot dead 3 and injured 8 in Florida. One analyst said Trump has become a “Saudi apologist.” Congress is increasingly disenchanted with the Saudis. By @SangerNYT. - Edward Wong
  • 3/ The F-15 deal was one of 42 arms/ammo/training deals that the Obama White House/Clinton State Dept forged with Saudi Arabia to the tune of $115 billion in arms sales. - Michelle Malkin
  • President Trump appears to be maintaining his support of Saudi Arabia in the wake of a deadly shooting at a US naval base allegedly perpetrated by a Saudi national -- a crime the FBI presumes is an act of terrorism. - CNN
  • Since the September attack on Saudi oil facilities, Saudi Arabia has softened its stance toward Iran. They’ve exchanged direct messages. Iran has proposed a mutual non-aggression pact. Watch this space - Liz Sly
  • “Driven by oil, money, weapons sales, a good deal of Saudi feting and flattery, Trump has created a virtually impenetrable zone of immunity for Saudi Arabia.” From Jamal Khashoggi to Yemen to Pensacola. - Mark Elliott
  • Finally some good news. Saudi Arabia is seeking to ease tensions with Iran. Trump’s refusal to retaliate was a good thing for diplomacy and balancing. - Joshua Landis
  • Restaurants in Saudi Arabia are no longer required to have separate entrances for men and women, the government said on Sunday. - CNN
  • Two ex @Twitter employees have been charged for being alleged spies for a foreign government. They are accused of taking tens of thousands of dollars from Saudi Arabia as payment for the private information of users. One of the accused men has fled abroad. - Andy Ngo
  • Saudi Arabia ‘deports 40,000 Pakistani workers over terror fears' - Common man
  • Left without comment 2 - John Schindler






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Saudi Arabia 🇸🇦 The three-day festival is set to kick off on December 19 with shows from iconi

Saudi Arabia 🇸🇦 The three-day festival is set to kick off on December 19 with shows from iconic DJ Tiesto and Martin Garrix. Also expected to take the stage are DJ Black Coff...