Photos and videos taken in


Photos and videos taken in Ukraine
  • New: A network of at least 30 FB pages purporting to represent groups of Trump supporters from different states all appear to be set up by Robert Hyde, the latest impeachment figure. This week, they’ve shared dozens of posts defending Hyde. - Rebecca Ballhaus
  • Nunes aide communicated with Parnas about Ukraine campaign, messages show. - Rosalind Helderman
  • "If Trump instructed Rudy to tell Parnas to convey the message that aid would be withheld unless Ukraine announced investigations, that potentially implicates all three in a conspiracy to solicit a bribe." GOP Senators don't want to know if this is true. - Greg Sargent
  • Nunes aide to Lev Parnas: “Any documents for us or are you going to keep working through Solomon?” - Matea Gold
  • "...text messages and other documents released by the House this week, as well as congressional testimony during the impeachment inquiry, corroborate the timeline that Parnas detailed in interviews with MSNBC and CNN about the episode ..." - Maddow Blog
  • "As the Senate prepared for the impeachment trial, the Government Accountability Office said the White House violated a law that limits a president’s power to withhold money allocated by Congress." - Maddow Blog
  • NEW: Texts from a mysterious Belgian phone number linked to a guy who uses multiple aliases sheds light on possible surveillance of Marie Yovanovitch - Chuck Ross
  • UPDATE: Facebook late Friday took down a network of several dozen Facebook pages that were coordinating posts defending Robert Hyde, the congressional candidate embroiled in the impeachment inquiry. W/⁦@EmilyGlazer⁩ - Rebecca Ballhaus
  • Yawn. - Tom Fitton
  • The messages between Lev Parnas and Derek Harvey, an aide to Rep. Devin Nunes, indicate Nunes’s office was aware of the operation at the heart of impeachment proceedings against the president — and sought to use the information Parnas was gathering. - Khashoggi’s Ghost
  • And I repeat: Nunes is so screwed. - Elizabeth C. McLaughlin
  • Another impeachable offense. - Jill Wine-Banks
  • Hey, Trump Supporters! Did you see that a NONpartisan watchdog group found Trump broke the law? Please read: Hold on Ukraine Aid Violated Law, Nonpartisan Watchdog Finds - Alyssa Milano
  • He’s a criminal. Period. - Tom Steyer
  • New evidence shows Nunes aide & former White House official Derek Harvey communicated extensively with #parnas on #ukraine - Josh Lederman
  • JUST IN: New impeachment documents show more texts about possible surveillance of former US ambassador to Ukraine Marie Yovanovitch - CNN Politics
  • The pages share contact information and other details with Hyde’s campaign Facebook page, and some include the email [email protected] Hyde’s campaign Twitter handle is @rfhyde1. - Rebecca Ballhaus
  • “The new evidence significantly bolsters the case that Mr. Trump abused his office.” #defendourdemocracy - Rep. Val Demings
  • Forgot about this: in the past, Lev has been specific about when he (allegedly) first got direction from Trump. Claimed he, Rudy, Fruman, and Trump ducked away from Dec 2018 WH Hanukkah Party to talk. Then got "mission" re: Ukraine/Biden. Per @VickyPJWard - Andrew Prokop




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Результат нашего партнера. Кому интересно, у моей мамы супер результат от Монави. У неё были сильн...


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Не много историй с детства 🙂 Вы знаете как-то в детстве я ехала на велосипеде и смеялась с подруги...

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Все мои 😻спят) точнее их третья часть 🤪одной .... 🤣т.е мне не спится😆😂что не ночь, то Новый год🤩...