Since Instagram was down yesterday I didn’t get a chance to post these waffles. Guess what, I didn’t make them! I’ve spent close to a month now preparing to move, moving, and getting my house ready to sell. Meaning, I’ve had significantly less time in the kitchen. Some days I’ve done better than others, but the most helpful thing is buying things like these waffles (there ARE healthier frozen waffles than Ego waffles 😂). Basically, doing everything I can that’s convenient, while still trying to give my body the best option for food. What’s your options for quick go-to convenient but healthy(I would love to say a @wholefoods salad bar but my closest is over an hour away) What’s on my plate: •@naturespathorganic gluten free pumpkin spice waffles •pb, berries, coconut shreds, and bananas . . . #waffles #wafflewednesday #veganbreakfast #cleanbreakfast