Throwback to the days when we were known as Tower City! 🎸 . OUR STORY - PART 4 In 1996, the band enacted a distribution deal with MTM Records in Germany and Sweden, resulting in the release “A Little Bit of Fire” which was a collection of past recordings and song repertoire from their time at Interscope/Atco Records. This Tower City release became one of the highest rated AOR (adult- oriented rock) records to be released in the 90’s. Within the UK, Europe, Asia, Japan and South America, Tower City was rated among European music critics as “One of the top 10 best AOR artists of all time” along with Journey, Mr. Big and Def Leppard. In 1998, Colorvine released another 10-song album entitled “The Green Record”. Then, the group disbanded.


  1. At that time I was exploring other music, this one made me return to AOR for a little while. Well, little while, I still play it!