💎Who is Imam Hussein? 💓who is this hussain whom the whole world is crazy about?! ⁦⚔️⁩What has happened so massive on Ashura in Karbala? . 📣O people of the world know that I am the imam al-Qَaem 📣O people of the world know that I am the sword that takes revenge 📣O people of the world know that my grandfather Hussain was martyred while he was thirsty 📣O people of the world indeed I am the son of Hussain whose Holy body was left on the soil while it was uncovered 📣O people of the world indeed my grandfather Hussain was trampled out of spite Imam Hussain was Prophet Muhammad 's grandson. After 50 years of Prophet Muhammad's demise, (in time of Imam Hussain), Yazid was the ruler. A cruel corrupted man who knew nothing about Islam and intended to establish a monarchy under the name of Islam. he asked for Imam Hussain's oath of allegiance in order to obtain reputation in society. Imam Hussain refused to do so in order to save the society from a cruel monarch. Therefore Yazid equipped his army to kill Hussain and his family . Yazid's army besieged Hussain and his family members in Karbala desert in Iraq .The army didn't let them drink water for 3 days. But Hussain, his beloved brother Abbas and his companions didn't surrender and kept fighting while they were thirsty. They were all martyred but their resistance disclosed the real face of Yazid and defeated him finally. We still mourn and commemorate them after 1400 years. because Imam Hussain and his 72 companions were brave men who fought evil for justice .Brave men belong to all times and all ages. May God bless them #brokenheartquotes  #imsad  #relationshipquotes #friendshipquotes  #cutecouples  #relationshipgoals #relationshipmemes  #breakupquotes  #datingquotes #relationshipproblems  #love  #lovehurts #heartbroken  #hurting  #rosiehw #rosiehuntingtonwhiteley  #celebrity  #model #celebritystyle  #celebrityfashion  #makeup #beautiful  #beauty  #beautifuleyes  #beautifulface #lip  #fashionable