Featured in an image from #gucciprêtÀporter, a mini dress with long puff sleeves, contrast pleated skirt and ribbon detail designed by @alessandro_michele for #guccifw19. On an imaginary magazine cover, outfits are described in way that echoes style employed by French fashion journalists of the 70s and 80s. Discover more through link in bio. #alessandromichele Ear covering inspired by ‘Fashion Fiction #1’ by Eduardo Costa, 1966


  1. Nice pic ⚘⚘⚘⚘⚘⚘⚘⚘⚘⚘⚘⚘⚘⚘⚘⚘⚘⚘⚘⚘⚘⚘⚘⚘⚘⚘⚘⚘⚘⚘⚘⚘⚘⚘⚘⚘⚘⚘⚘⚘⚘⚘