Next up in the list is something much more affordable, but equally fun to drive, the Civic Type R. The Japanese manufacturer created a hatchback with a sprinkle of Formula 1 performance in the Honda Civic Type R. Another car suitable for track day which Paceward insures. Containing a 2-litre engine and 6-speed manual gearbox, the Civic Type R is rapid when accelerating through the gears. The Type R benefits from the same ergonomic and technological upgrades as the standard Civic except it is longer, wider and of better quality. It’s not quite Audi S3 or BMW M3 but you can feel the quality of the interior while sitting inside. A sports car than can be used on the track or on the road even though the design of the exterior isn’t for everyone, this is a car for the performance with reasonable running costs and price point of around £30,000.