“I don’t feel loneliness... I feel like I’m constantly meditating.” The brilliant Kathy Burke☝️spoke to @janegarvey23 about living the single life, but not being lonely 🙋🏻‍♀️ Plus what it means to be a woman today, beauty, motherhood, Twitter, movies, the menopause, her new documentary series and SO much more 👍 Listen now on @bbcsounds 🎧 and watch her @channel4 series All Woman from Tuesday 👀 . . . #kathyburke #allwoman #women #bbcwomanshour #womanshour #radio4 #bbcsounds


  1. I have just watched the all women thing, brilliant..... One of my favourite bits was when you were asked about a Hollywood.... your reply was “ how pede “ I was cracking up because I always say that and also can’t see the problem with a hairy fanny... Cheers for being and showing such honesty 👍

  2. Saw her new series on Tuesday, was great, she is an amazing embassador for women. Love her to bits.

  3. Brilliant beautiful and bold kathy burke i love u so thank you 🙏❤️

  4. Loved the WH interview- you both sounded so pleased to meet each other. Well done Kathy and Jane. A fabulous chat on air.

  5. This is exactly what we talked about recently @joygosney @mapsofjoy!!! It goes further than discussed in the programme though. We're happy being single mums, raising the next generation and influencing open minded attitudes. We've been in relationships and quite frankly, we've got this. The scary thing for people, particularly men, is that we don't need them and, shock horror, nor do we want them!! I have very little time to myself but if I want company, I'd chose my girl friends any day. Oh, and the relief of not having to deal with an over grown man-child - priceless.

  6. Best line ...’What’s wrong with a hairy fanny’...great show ! Nothing wrong with being who you hope to us in our late 50’s who have curves and no plastic ...and a hairy fanny 😊