What are your thoughts on Bella and Edward's wedding? Do you like it? I honestly think it's the most gorgeous movie wedding ever, no one can deny the crew did an absolutely beautiful job on these scenes 😍 it gives me so many feels my heart can't take it 😭 I could honestly talk about this forever but I'll just leave this here in honour of these two's 13th wedding anniversary today 💞💏 PS look at their cute lil faces in the second one, gah they're too cute 🤧 • • #kristenstewart #robertpattinson #breakingdawn #breakingdawnpart1 #thetwilightsaga #bellaswan #edwardcullen #kjs #krisbian #kristenjaymesstewart #actress #actor #wedding


  1. They 👏🏼 went 👏🏼 there 👏🏼 It is so gorgeous!! I used to be a wedding planner and thinking about how goddamn expensive that thing was blows my mind 🤯 Only the Cullens could afford that level of extravagance

  2. When i saw a photo of you two and you were consciously or subconsciously touching your stomach. I was writing a bunch of post like crazy kinda like today . I said, "is their going to be an announcement is she pregnant". Then I realized how uncool of a remark that was just as I'm realizing it again. Not to worry it never takes more then three missteps for me to catch myself. Its also like going through life in constant state of inebriation. More thoughts of the day at my expense . 😍😎❤️