Lots of love for our southpaws on #lefthandersday


  1. Can’t wait to see who wins the game of which guy in the bullpen gets to blow the game tonight after Green pulls the starter in the fourth or fifth. Or will they go with the collective effort again?

  2. Let's stop bashing on Green. He's got a team of young guys, who are shifting into gear. Lessons are being learned this year as to each player's capabilities, weaknesses and strengths. We can't expect World Series quality calibrations on Green's part when he is working with an entirely overhauled and changing roster. Let's give him a few years with this rookie team, and maybe after we get a top-of-the-order starting pitcher along with Gore, Patino etc. our bullpen will be filled out with some guys who are starting atm.

  3. Strahm didn't work out and he needs to go and Lauer is a bit overrated, but Lucchesi is solid and could be part of the future. Also we can send Wingenter down, we don't need to get rid of a guy that throws 97 and has the potential to be good. He's still young. As for Stammen he has a career ERA almost below 3, but this may be the end for him since he is turning 36 this year.

  4. Agree w/giving Green some credit. We r starting from scratch.... We don’t have a GWENN, Kamanette (sp), Garvey, ETC. patience, folks 😇⚾️❌⭕️❌⭕️ 🙌🏼