Now archived in our stories: Happy International Lefthanders Day!⠀ We compiled a handy list of all the left-handed artists we could find—spoiler alert, it's a long list, and complete with photographic proof. ⠀ ⠀ Shown here: M.C. Escher at work. Photo courtesy of Wikimedia. #artnetnews #lefties #lefthandersday #lefthanded


  1. My wonderful daughter is a southpaw, as were my Mum and Dad. I feel really cheated that I wasn't. I may not write left handed but there are definitely some activities I do better as a left hander like playing guitar and golf.

  2. Introducing an artistic masterpiece Manager of museum Dear Sir / Madam Hello I am Mohammad Zarei from Iran. I am a craftsman and busy with selling antique artistic and current artwork. I own one of the very precious and rare artwork which there is no copy of that all over the world. A priceless wooden tableau that involves all the suras of Quran(a wooden tableau of Quran). This tableau has been made in Marquetry – Lattice style and is made of orange wood along the time of 15 years. This artwork is handmade the letters are very small in size and extremely delicate. 322373 letters, 195914 dots, and approximately 350000 diacritic marks (الفتحه، الضمه و الکسره) were cut from the orange wood by hand to make this artwork by fretsaw. The size of the dots is about 0.2 mm, the length of each diacritic marks is approximately 2 mm in length and 0.2 mm in width and the thickness of each alphabet is 0.2 mm. Then these very subtle letters, dots and diacritic marks are mounted on the board with high sensitivity and accuracy. Here are the features and pictures related to this artwork) and is also on my Instagram page: Islamic_Crafts_seller ( 1. This unique artwork is of the Holy Quran in Marquetry – Lattice style in Othman Taha(عثمان طه) handwriting (the smallest Marquetry – Lattice Quran all over the world). 2. This artwork involves two Tableaux with 1.56 meters width and 2.22 meters length (without margins). 3. The background of the tableau is made of walnut wood and is in one solid piece and the verses are made of orange wood which has a long-lasting durability, good flexibility and yellowish color. 4. Each tableau has 276 lines with 8 millimeters space between them and it has 552 lines overall. Each line is 1.56 meters. 5. The overall work hours for cutting the Verses of Quran and diacritic marks and setting on the tableau is more than 86000 hours. 6. All the process involving cutting the verses, spots and diacritic marks have been done by hands and no machine has been used in any parts of making the tableau and all the parts have been cut with a fretsaw and installing the verses on the background has been done with special glue and forceps. Phone: +98 913 136 9908

  3. On one of my favorite artists ever, period advertisers still use his work to this very day. the way he plays your eyes back then it still work today, period