Halle Bailey @chloexhalle as Ariel and Harry Styles @harrystyles as Prince Eric. In my opinion, this is a YES for me. They both have the vocals. Harry's a great actor. Watch Dunkirk. What are your opinions? (No racism will be tolerated) #thelittlemermaid #ariel #princeeric #hallebailey #harrystyles #liveaction


  1. No me gusta la elección para el príncipe Erick yo creo que hubiese sido mejor Park Jimin como príncipe Erick ya que el tiene mucha más similitudes que Harry Styles por ejemplo su mentón y ya que Disney va a hacer inclusión poniendo una sirenita de color porque no tener un príncipe coreano

  2. i literally love halle, but i was just thinking that i would like to watch the live action remake as close too the movie that literally was my childhood favorite. i mean would you like too see a little white red head too? don’t get me wrong she has a beautiful voice and she is gorgeous, but even in the culture that the movie takes place is based on people with pale skin and red hair. ‼️NO RACISM HERE‼️ i’m just explaining my opinion. ALSO PLEASE DONT GIVE ME HATE FOR MY OPINION!!!

  3. I'm glad Harry Styles is not Eric (In MY opinion). I just was afraid that the character would be ruined by being bland and a bore. That and I honestly find One Direction kind of annoying. And by the way, guys just stop being a bunch of mean donkeys and just respect anyone's opinion on something they DISLIKE, it's THEY'RE opinion, not YOURS. Because I respect people's opinion on Harry Styles, whether if they like or dislike him. So learn how to respect opinions, because I'm done with people acting the innocent unfairly. I'm just tired of being treated like BS for just having a different opinion. DO YOU GUYS THINK THAT THIS IS A PRACTICAL JOKE? IT'S NOT FUNNY! 😡 And I've been made fun of for not liking something that everyone has before.

  4. This is not a racist comment . Please agree that we grew up on the cartoon version of ariel , this is so dissapointing to change the appearace of the whole charachter , just to get more sells and support people of color. I mean this story has a origin , it has to be told the way it is , i don't get the changes