Going to the top! - After my competition, I was really in a bad place. Mentally, I had “nothing” to work towards. For 20 weeks I had a huge goal and something exciting to work for. Then after one night it was over. - I was displaced without a sense. No challenge, and no goals. - I was going through the motions. - At that time I got a message telling me that I was inspiring! - What the heck?! How am I inspiring? I am a mom, wife, and I am a school counselor. Nothing special. - BOY was I wrong!! Yes, I am a mom, but I am teaching my children the importance of health, fitness, and hard work. Yes, I am a wife, but I showing my husband that he married a strong women. That he has a women that is determined and is bold. In our marriage we push each other to be better and to want more. I am a school counselor, and despite me loving what I do. I want more. I want freedom. - After my competition I was in a bad place. @jacksonparr had no idea what I was going through. He believed in me. He trusted me. He has given me a challenge! - Mr. Parr #24 (haha isaKobe) thank you!! I cannot wait to join you at the top! Is it going to be hard? Yes! Is it going to take time? Yes! Am going to feel like give up? Yes. Am I going to quit? Heck no! I am going to the top and I believe you can too!!! . . . #mompreneur #entrepreneur #momlife #momboss #bossbabe #smallbusiness #mom #womeninbusiness #girlboss #love #momblogger #handmade #bosslady #motivation #ladyboss #workfromhome #motherhood #businesswoman #entrepreneurlife #femaleentrepreneur #goals #supportsmallbusiness #success #fashion #goaldigger #womenempowerment #business