💣💰💀 In his great & unmatched wisdom, Trump authorizes Turks to murder Kurds 💀💰💣 . ___ MAGA: Murderously Abandon Gracious Ally ___ #im🍑ment ___ #kurdishfighters #trumpfucksthekurds #donaldthebetrayer #trumptowersistanbul #ivankistan #erdogan #kurdsbetrayedbytrump #greatandunmatchedwisdom #kurdish #backstabbertrump #backstabbingtrump


  1. Every god-awful thing he does is to keep us off-balance and disorganized the revolution everybody stay together on this resist Blue Wave support all the court cases that are fighting his agenda

  2. He will be allowing not only The Turks to slaughter our allies but it will allow Isis to regroup in the area and nobody will be there to help us as Trumps word means nothing as he will be abandoning the very people he said he would help.No One trusts Trump because he changes his mind like his underwear.

  3. His plan leaves the area open to the Russians. They want control of the gas and oil. It’s all part of the plan.