WW TREASURE EP:FIN GIVEAWAY! Two winners💕 ▪︎First place chooses album version ○How to Enter? 🔥Follow me @ateezapple . 🔥USE MY LINKS in bio and make my NYC ATEEZ campaign (otherwise it won't count) 🔥DM me your MyMusicTaste username* and a screenshot of made campaign 🎟Extra Entry, make LA campaign: https://mmt.fans/SpJe/ . 🎟Extra Entry if you repost and tag me so I can see it. 🎟 Extra Entry if you submit watermarked proof of like & streaming WONDERLAND MV 🔥Ends November 1st or earlier if MMT campaign progresses. #ateezgiveaway #m4m


  1. Rip I already made the campaign the second I got the text. BUT THIS MEANS I GET TO SEE YOU IN NY AGAIN SO IM THE REAL WINNER HERE

  2. Thank you for the opportunity to win ateez album... I am really excited😊 Wish me luck💖💖❤️