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  • #medici is ready to go in France. @WildBunch sells our show to Altice's Zive. - Frank Spotnitz
  • Wild Bunch TV Sells Spotnitz’s ‘Medici’ to Altice’s Zive for France - Variety
  • "I feel like I've aged 20 years since last Thursday," said Joshua Zive of @BracewellLaw, which representatives oil refiners and other energy companies. #mexicotariffs, via @dino_grandoni - PowerPost
  • Shvatili da zive od radnika @Slate: Ikea is about to start paying its workers a living wage: - Goran Maravic
  • [email protected] on how tariffs have harmed the energy and infrastructure projects: lead times to buy steel has gotten longer and costs have risen. “Trade wars complicate energy companies’ ability to do sourcing and supply and sell to foreign markets,” Zive said. - PRG
  • Everything You Thought You Knew About Doing Laundry Is Wrong - miss misfit
  • Oilfield companies not pursuing business with Iran after sanctions lift. Bracewell Sr. Counsel Josh Zive explains. - Bracewell LLP
  • Foreign countries face uncertainty as the US moves forward to implement trade #tariffs tomorrow. @BracewellLaw’s Josh Zive talks to the @AP about the race to apply for tariffs exemptions. - Bracewell LLP
  • Užas – stanje u kojem žive građani Srbije - Branko
  • The impact stemming from tariffs extends economic implications, PRG’s Josh Zive tells the Dallas Morning News. - Bracewell LLP
  • For obvious reasons, I love this. Thanks @Stanley_Zive More here: - evan milton
  • Za one koji bi da zive u VB. Can you pass a UK citizenship test? Take the test here: - Branka Milojević