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  • "UN says entire nations could be wiped off Earth by rising sea levels if global warming is not reversed... Governments have a 10-year window of opportunity before it goes beyond human control" From today's UN Climate meeting? Nope. It's from *1989* - Mike Shellenberger
  • India has perfected the art of the "fake encounter" killing in Kashmir since 1989. Basically, Indian forces murder you without cause to send a message to the rest of your community, then label you a terrorist after you're dead. - CJ Werleman
  • Hillsborough: Once again, our legal system has failed: 96 people were unlawfully killed at a football match in 1989; their families have had to fight through courts for 30 years, yet still been served injustice. Archaic system needs reform. - David Conn
  • 'We've now got to live with knowing that all our loved ones, all of the families and loved ones were unlawfully killed,' says Jenni Hicks, a mother who lost her two daughters in the 1989 Hillsborough soccer stadium crush - Reuters
  • Michigan moves from unranked to No. 4 in the AP basketball poll, first school since Kansas in 1989-90 to go from unranked to top five. - Chris Balas
  • The Russia that I got to know in 1989-91, in the words of Yegor Zhukov, a 21yr old Russian student who was on trial for “extremism,” - “Do not obey despots, fight for the freedom of body and soul, and build a country in which your children can be happy’ - Kestas Vaskelevicius
  • The first two professional translations appeared in 1988 and 1989. Importantly, they rendered Orwell’s words into credible Russian, still used today: Newspeaknovoyaz Thoughtcrimemysleprestupleniye Telescreentelekran Big BrotherBolshoi Brat - Bloomberg Opinion
  • #resistance in #russia. Where ‘love and responsibility’ replace 1989’s ‘love and truth’. Fitting for a post-truth world. Not the last time we hear the name - Ken Godfrey
  • Remembering 14 young women murdered in Montreal 30 years ago today - misogyny and hatred is a force that women are still facing three decades later. #montrealmassacre - Women's Aid Ireland
  • Yes, we are hated. In 1989, a still-primitive media couldn’t accept that feminists or women or feminist women were specifically targeted, and said the focus should be on the killer and his violence. Do we know better now? Heather Mallick: - The Star Calgary
  • We all need to stand up against abusive and destructive behaviour towards women and girls everywhere...in our homes, workplaces, schools and communities. #nationaldayofremembranceandaction - Alvin Fiddler
  • The first suspected detections of extrasolar planets, or exoplanets, as they are called, occurred in 1989. - Astronomy Magazine
  • "The Montreal massacre of 1989 was just one in a long line of mass killings motivated by hatred of women...How many lives could be saved, if we treated them as a pattern of hate crimes?" We need to call it what it is: Terrorism #december6th - Leadnow
  • Another shirt worn by Argentina legend Diego Maradona during his time playing for Napoli in the 1989-90 season sold for 7,500 euros Read more: - The Field
  • “Where do you start to discuss the intersection between misogyny & hate groups, when they are really one & the same?” asked Liz, adding that hatred of women often serves as a base upon which to build other forms of hate…" - Nordic Model Now!
  • We’re sad to hear of the death of actor #claudeearljones (1933–2019). TV credits include: WKRP, LITTLE HOUSE, DUKES OF HAZZARD, MATLOCK, DALLAS and SEINFELD. Films: USED CARS (1980), BRIDE OF RE-ANIMATOR (1989) - getTV
  • This Friday, #dec6 marks 30 years since a gunman entered a Montreal engineering school and killed 14 women because he hated feminists. The hate that fed him is still alive today. It's online and it's more active than ever. - Tracey Lindeman
  • The bloody wastewater comes from a pipe connected to a packing company, which is located near Campbell River, B.C. and has been processing farmed Atlantic salmon since 1989. - CTV Vancouver
  • When Kim Wagner realized her employee, Tim Bass, was a suspect in the 1989 murder of Mandy Stavik, she felt she had to act. - 48 Hours


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When I used to be a real photographer. You know shooting film, processing film, printing. Shot on Black & White film. Transferred to another emulsion in a kodalith process to prod...

And lets not forget this seemingly virtual /robotic horse from Ready for it... I love love love the

And lets not forget this seemingly virtual /robotic horse from Ready for it... I love love love the song... O dont understand hpw the video goes with the song though!! 🙈 Maybe I...