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  • Sterling faced a fresh blow on Tuesday, dropping another 0.51 per cent against the US dollar from afternoon trading on Monday. The next level to watch for: $1.2106 - Financial Times
  • NEW: Clinton's 2106 supporters say they're confident she won't be Dem nominee in 2020 - The Hill
  • The number of non-Hispanic whites in the US shrank in 2015-2106 for the first time in American history - - Reid Wilson
  • Nov 4, 2106: A currently serving FBI agent said, "Hillary Clinton is the antichrist personified to a large swath of FBI personnel. The reason they’re leaking is they’re pro-Trump.” - Polly Sigh
  • Trevor Noah says the 2106 election is rigged— for Donald Trump: - The Daily Beast
  • Aug 3, 2106: In a Trump Tower meeting set up by Erik Prince, Don Jr & other aides met an emissary to Crown Princes MBS & MBZ [Nader] and an Israeli social media manipulation specialist [Joel Zamel] offering help to win election. by @MarkMazzettiNYT #maddow - Polly Sigh
  • Wales midfielder Joe Ledley postpones wedding after reaching Euro 2106 semi-finals - ITV Wales News
  • Without intervention, the gender pay gap won’t close until 2106 - MarketWatch
  • I have believed that Trump is a Russian agent ever since reporting on the head of the Valdai Club's reasoning as to the only way Russia's security council would story him in an election, made during the 2106 election. - Grant Stern
  • Grieve says excessive respect for 2106 referendum result has stopped MPs debating Brexit options properly - - AndrewSparrow
  • Spend a radio hour w Mark Colvin today. Pt 1 of his late 2106 conversation 1105am ABC Radio/ App/ Stream here: - Conversations
  • Undercover reporter reveals life in a Polish troll farm - Peter W. Singer
  • Senate File 2106 had sufficient votes to win Senate approval, but it lacked enough support to pass the Iowa House, said Sen. Brad Zaun, R-Urbandale. - Des Moines Register
  • In May 2106, Telegraph published a letter from business Brexiteers - henry porter - Vote against Lies
  • Wyden sharply criticizes Senate Intelligence Report on 2106 Russian Interference in U.S. elections for failing to back compulsory election security standards - TrustTheVote Project
  • Here from hundreds of examples is the New York Times from 2106 saying that Trump would "pivot" to the centre the nearer he came in to power - Nick Cohen
  • I wish you were right, Simon, but I fear you're not. Seems the majority of Nissan workers probably did vote to leave the EU in the Referendum in 2106 - FireSalamander
  • Una imagen de Arrimadas del 2106 hace enloquecer a la red tres años después | Vía @En_Blau_es - ElNacional .cat
  • Una imatge d'Arrimadas del 2106 fa embogir la xarxa tres anys després | Via @en_blau - ElNacional.cat



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