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  • The D enthusiasm advantage was why the Ds did so well in the 2107/2018 special elections. It’s a big part of why they took the House in 2018. If the advantage is gone, it has huge implications for the 2020 race. - Ari Fleischer
  • Pakistan's Imran Khan likens India's actions in Kashmir to Nazism. Why he has said so can be understood in the 2107 article shared in next tweet. The current Regime of India had been founded on the ideology of Nazism & have a history of brutalities. - سویلین رینــچ ™
  • So far 250 the 2107 Pakistani prisoners Prince Salman promised to free in February have been released, while the pace of executions of these prisoners has increased, said Justice Project Pakistan - Issam Ahmed
  • The Internet Research Agency (IRA) Russian troll farm, issued thousands of posts on Twitter, Facebook & Instagram between 2015-2107 that focused on energy and environmental issues, especially targeting the Dakota Access Pipeline...engaging Native Americans - 𝙰𝚗𝚊𝚋𝚎𝚕𝚕𝚎
  • ”There are many complex reasons why people go to food banks.” One of the great Theresa May moments, from April 2107. For a moment I thought that was the same designer jacket that she resigned in, but no, it’s a different one. - Nicholas Pegg
  • Wherever American troops traveled throughout Europe, Stars and Stripes was there. Here are some of the best pictures @starsandstripes captured in Europe in 2107 - Vytas Leškevičius
  • Leftist Mentality 2107 #keralafloods - Maj Yogesh Dahiya🇮🇳
  • Afcon 2107: Mane to lead Senegal's England-based stars - BBC News Africa
  • April 2107 Sunny ways turn to secrecy and control "Meanwhile Trudeau is showing control freak tendencies" - Tim Miller
  • And Labour's performance in the 2107 GE was Labour's biggest increase in vote share since 1945! - Devutopia
  • Budget 2107: Where are ideas for job creation, asks Opposition - Friends of Congress
  • Late Chechen assassin Timur "Zona" Makhauri upon being apprehended by the Ukrainian authorities in Feb 2107.Note Stechkin & Glock w/extended mag(perhaps selective-fire Glock 18) in improvised(?) holsters. Tells all during a jailhouse interview.Or does he? - RussianDefence.com
  • UP Elections 2107: With murder accused by side, CM asks for votes in Hathras - हम भारत के लोग
  • Rio state: Police death toll for 2107 hits 100 - euronews
  • Logan Luft, who loved hunting and fishing, died after an ATV crash in 2107. His decision to be an organ donor saved the lives of five people, his family says. - Des Moines Register
  • Australia: #howdareyou PM still backs more coal and gas, even after back-to-back coral bleaching on the #greatbarrierreef due to record temperature extremes in 2016 & 2107 - Terry Hughes
  • Please correct the typo in @severincarrell's update. It should be 2017 not 2107. @guardian #typo - Hamza Azhar Salam
  • 【定期】 私の作った曲をまとめたものです。ボカロ曲もBGMもあります。 聴いてやってくれたら嬉しいです(´・ω・`) ニコ動→ - kou(2107)/否定Pらしい
  • Remember this in June 2107: "Theresa May will win biggest Tory landslide since Thatcher, final election poll predicts - Oliver 🌹✊💚 #GTTO #ClimateAction #JC4PM


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