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  • While other parties talk, ⁦@theSNP⁩ acts. 22 million trees were planted in Scotland last year alone - that’s almost 84% of the UK total. - Nicola Sturgeon
  • Feral hogs find and destroy cocaine worth $22,000 hidden in woods - Newsweek
  • SAVE THE QUEEN! VOTE Michelle and Gio 6 22 52 08 09015 22 52 08 Three votes online for free here - Emma Kennedy
  • What’s more powerful than 30-50 feral hogs? 30-50 feral hogs on cocaine. - GQ Magazine
  • < ONGOING VOTING EVENTS > • AMAs - Ends Nov 20 - - BTS Voting Team
  • A man who tricked his way into getting an overweight cat into the passenger cabin of a plane has been stripped of his frequent flier miles - The New York Times
  • Home Bargains to be closed on Boxing Day to give hard-working staff time off with family The day off is not taken out of Home Bargains staff’s holiday allowance meaning 22,000 employees will still get paid while they spend time with their family - Socialist Voice 🌐
  • The fact Notre Dame's 273-game sellout streak is ending has to be a concern to every AD in the country. - Dennis Dodd
  • New Iowa Monmouth poll has Pete Buttigieg at the top Buttigieg: 22% Biden: 19% Warren: 18% Sanders: 13% No other candidate breaks double digits. - Sabrina Siddiqui
  • Researchers found that black lung cancer patients were 22% less likely to get recommended care than white patients. - Caroline Chen
  • #blackadam will open Dec. 22, 2021, just days after #avatar2 - Aaron Couch
  • Iraq was expected to make $79 billion in oil revenues this year, and yet 22% of the population was still forced to eke out an existence below the poverty line. So where did the money go? - Louisa Loveluck
  • Dear the @Telegraph, the 'first part in your series about how to buy without the bank of mum and dad', features a couple who lived with their parents while saving so didn't have to pay market rent. THAT IS BANK OF MUM AND DAD - Sarah-Jane Gay
  • A total of 67.3 million Americans speak a language other than English at home. That works out to 22% of all U.S. residents, double the 1980 total of 11%. - Seal of Biliteracy
  • Studies show that over 50% of babies born at 22 weeks survive and thrive if given medical care. Yet, only 25% of babies born at 22 receive the care they need. - March for Life
  • #ufcsp results: Randy Brown (@TouchNgo_) def. Warlley Alves via submission (triangle choke) – Round 2, 1:22 Full play-by-play: - MMA Junkie
  • Hulu is bumping the price of Hulu + Live TV by nearly 22 percent in its second price hike this year - CNN
  • Hulu hikes prices up to 22% to $55 per month - Carolyn C
  • GPs who offer homeopathy, acupuncture or herbal remedies prescribe 22 per cent fewer antibiotics, according to research. - 4Homeopathy


Happy birthday bby boy💞 I wish you all the love and happiness from this world. Be a good boy, don

Happy birthday bby boy💞 I wish you all the love and happiness from this world. Be a good boy, don't be the evil maknae you are now, although it's kinda cute sometimes. Will lo...