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  • Colin Firth and Wife Livia Split After 22 Years of Marriage - E! News
  • 22 Times Nick And Schmidt From "New Girl" Had The Best TV Friendship Of The Decade - BuzzFeed
  • Youngest IPS officer in country: This 22-year-old to join Jamnagar police as ASP Read: - Times of India
  • #myarticleofimpeachment Failure to Divest = Personal Interest over National Interest - Kris M Beal
  • Coming to our country, taking jobs in our NHS, and caring for our sick. @BorisJohnson is this what you meant when you attacked EU migrants for “treating Britain as their own” for too long? Shame on you for driving away the doctors and nurses we need. - David Lammy
  • FIR on Nov 22 on a minor girl who went missing Her coaching tutor has now sent a series of WhatsApp messages to girl’s family They contain images of her religious conversion and nikah papers as well as a few short mobile-shot videos of her My report: - Swati Goel Sharma
  • When his NFL-leading touchdown count reached 30, still in the first half of the game, ending at 33, Lamar broke Peyton Mannning's record for the most touchdown passes in NFL history for a player 22 or younger.. #golamargo ⁦@Lj_era8⁩ - Sylvia K. Alston
  • Meet Louis Sarkozy, Mary-Kate Olsen's 22-year-old shoe designer nephew - New York Post
  • RIP @VinnyLuvsYou, You were one of the nicest people I ever knew, I remember talking about music and having really good times in TF2 MGE servers, modding the Minecraft server, and our time in general, it pains me to see you go at such a young age, RIP. - BigManRaffa
  • Feb. 22, 2011 was the day a magnitude 6.2 earthquake devastated the city. Since then, Christchurch has seen a slow and halting recovery. - Los Angeles Times
  • Entrepreneurship doesn’t see age, color or gender. It rewards innovation, value, creativity and effort. You know we’re living in great times When a 7 year old makes $22 million reviewing toys. - Patrick Bet-David
  • The shark-centric open-world game Maneater is officially coming to PC on May 22, 2020. - IGN
  • Cuba Gooding Jr. Accusers Reach 22 After 7 More Women Allege Sexual Misconduct - TMZ
  • BREAKING: Rapper Juice Wrld dies at 22 - The Washington Times
  • This is insane projection. Trump has made more than 13,000 false or misleading statements since taking office. That’s about 22 of them *per day.* He’s the most dishonest president in American history. - Brian Klaas
  • Don't neglect the fact that millions of those non-voters face serial attempts to suppress their vote. #fairfight2020 - Christian Day
  • #nigeria has a mental health problem 22% percent increase in new patients with mental illnesses + 50% increase in substance abuse. One in four Nigerians - some 50 million people - are suffering from some sort of mental illness #who - 3DMapLady
  • #colinfirth Colin Firth and wife split after 22 years of marriage - mark levitt
  • Keystone pipeline spill affecting nearly 10 times more land than first thought State regulators estimate the leak reached 209,100 square feet of land, compared to the earlier report of 22,500 square feet. #actonclimate #keepitintheground - Paul Dawson


오랜만에 연장하고 화려하게해서 기분좋다 😆 여기 네일샵가면 눈에 띄는

오랜만에 연장하고 화려하게해서 기분좋다 😆 여기 네일샵가면 눈에 띄는 저멘트가 받는내내 기분 좋아지게해주넹ㅎㅎ 원장님도 계시...

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-으아아악 으아아악 -질수없어 포기하냐...? 포기 할 수 없어. -으아아악아아아악❗️ -포기하자❗️❗️❗️❗️ 잘가 얘들아...