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  • The impeachment hearings just started, and we're already hearing about Crowdstrike. Here's how that conspiracy theory worked its way to Trump. - BuzzFeed News
  • "The leftists" yeah sure, farm troll. Back to 4chan. - International Medical Lasers
  • - ABC reporter caught on a hot mic ranting on Epstein, in a rare likely-legit clip by the far right, deception-loving Project Veritas: - isiah meadows
  • Just a reminder of how bizarre, illogical and outlandish the president's theory that the DNC hacked itself and is hiding its server in Ukraine is - Brian Tashman
  • The public impeachment hearing is already focused on a 4chan conspiracy theory, so here’s some background on how it rose to prominence - Brandon Wall
  • The first public hearing in the impeachment inquiry into President Trump began with several mentions of a debunked 4chan conspiracy theory: - Scott Lucas
  • Trump did it moron - UncleSam:DisinformationDetective
  • Two key figures in the impeachment inquiry are giving live, on-camera testimony about President Trump's alleged quid pro quo request to Ukraine. - BuzzFeed UK
  • This week in #ca346 we're learning about using memes as a means for political participation. 4Chan has not only tried to make Pepe a hate symbol, but also the "OK" hand gesture. - Michael Gira
  • How an Anonymous 4chan Post Helped Solve a 25-Year-Old Math Puzzle. #gamersunite #gamers - Warren Spinger
  • Here's a good @broderick explainer on the Crowdstrike conspiracy theory that Trump has fixated on and is coming up in the impeachment hearing: - Sarah Mimms
  • Already several mentions of CrowdStrike at the impeachment hearing. Here’s @broderick’s great piece on how Trump ended up referencing the Russian-promoted 4chan conspiracy theory to Ukraine’s president: - Tom Namako
  • 2019: when a two-year-old 4chan post takes center stage at the PRESIDENT'S IMPEACHMENT HEARINGS - Bradley 🚀
  • According to @Yahoo , Milo Yiannopoulos is preparing to buy 4chan from @hiroyuki_ni How do you think Milo will change 4chan? Do you think his previous experience with the /pol/ thread impact his administration of the ecosystem? - Tiffany Vaughan
  • Here’s @broderick on how the witnesses haven’t spent enough time on 4chan to understand what on earth Republicans were trying to get at today: - Addy Baird
  • After the 4chan prophecy failed to fulfill its $16,000 Bitcoin prediction in October, Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao still sees the steep price to be in play. #bitcoin - Crypto-ML
  • Must read from David: "The right not only commands the highest rated cable news network and an army of supportive online media outlets, it is spending millions on Facebook, Tik-Tok, 4chan, 8chan, and God knows what other online swamps" - everyone can tell you're white and under 25
  • Der originalthread existiert meines wissens nicht mehr, aber es gibt vieke Videos und Onlineartikel zu dem Fall. - IrisRain🦐
  • Ok 4Chan - Rhonda Harbison