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  • Democrats are raising alarm about the Senate's refusal to take action on the DETER Act, a bipartisan bill that would impose sanctions on Russia if it interferes again in 2020. "Nobody has provided any substantive justification for opposing this measure." - Kyle Griffin
  • A new trailer for Disney's live-action remake of the movie "Mulan" is receiving positive reviews on social media -- except in Hong Kong, where protesters are calling for a boycott. - CNN
  • Mulan gets down to business in new trailer for Disney live-action adaptation - Entertainment Weekly
  • "This is a very sad day," says Speaker Nancy Pelosi about directing the House to proceed with articles of impeachment. "It's something that I would have hoped we could have avoided. But the President's actions made it necessary." #pelositownhall - CNN
  • UN Chief Guterres calls Carney 'a remarkable pioneer in pushing the financial sector to work on climate.' Latest CBC story: - CBC News Alerts
  • Ann Coulter rails against college affirmative action, calls it "institutionalized anti-white racism" - Newsweek
  • "Let’s assume, for the sake of argument, that Mr. Schiff’s bribery definition is correct and should be the impeachment standard. Why then wouldn’t Joe Biden’s actions in Ukraine in 2015 also be an impeachable bribe?" - Kimberley Strassel
  • Riot Games agreed to pay out at least $10 million to women who worked at the company in the last five years as part of a settlement in a class action lawsuit over alleged gender discrimination, according to court documents filed Monday. - Los Angeles Times
  • 70% of Americans think what Trump did with Ukraine is wrong. For those watching the hearings, 60% think Trump should be impeached AND removed. #americansforimpeachment #trumpcrimefamilymustgo - Swing Left
  • [email protected]: Barr signals #durhamreport is where all the action will be - Sara A. Carter
  • More than 206 weather records have been broken in just 90 days in Australia. But worse is yet to come, with 50C summer days tipped, according to a Climate Council report. - SBS News
  • In full solidarity with @carolecadwalla as she goes to court tomorrow to defend herself in a SLAPP case brought by Arron Banks. Carole’s fearless public interest reporting must be supported. Read this letter signed by leading press freedom campaigners. - Rebecca Vincent
  • The original animated movie premiered in 1998 and grossed $304 million worldwide. - ABC News
  • Seattle Children's Hospital knew for years a mold infestation in its facilities could be related to its air-handling system, but "engaged in a cover-up" that sickened many patients and resulted in the deaths of six children, a class-action lawsuit claims. - CNN
  • If we don’t take urgent action to address the climate emergency, our planet may never recover. We must get the climate change denier out of the White House and tackle this crisis head-on. - Joe Biden
  • NEW: Riot Games settles gender discrimination class action for $10 million, which will be split between every woman who worked at the company since 2014 - Sam Dean 🦅
  • #starship Entertainment Gives Legal Action Update + Takes Further Action To Protect #monstax - Soompi
  • This story is sickening, but it’s worth interrogating then kind of culture that incubates this stuff. They aren’t marginalised “outsiders”. They are the elite of the elite. So many signs that white supremacy is baked into our major political institutions. - Osman Faruqi
  • The lecturer had committed suicide inside a hostel room on Saturday, after a month of filing a rape complaint and seeing no action against the accused. The district police have now suspended an ASI and transferred an inspector for alleged inaction. - OpIndia.com


Catch one of the best action films EVER: John Wick (aka the Baba Yaga). Starring Keanu Reeves, Micha

Catch one of the best action films EVER: John Wick (aka the Baba Yaga). Starring Keanu Reeves, Michael Nyqvist, Alfie Allen, Ian McShane, Willem Dafoe and MORE. Tune in tonight at ...


Ta vie ne s’améliore pas avec de la chance, elle s’améliore avec du changement. . Le premier p

Ta vie ne s’améliore pas avec de la chance, elle s’améliore avec du changement. . Le premier pas pour avoir ce que vous voulez c’est d’avoir le courage de quitter ce que ...

2.325. INFO FILM . Pada bagian akhir film

2.325. INFO FILM . Pada bagian akhir film "Avengers: Endgame", sudah tentu para penggemar mengetahui bahwa sosok Captain America (Chris Evans) muncul dalam wujud yang lebih tua. Di...