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  • For three and a half contemptuous years, a Remainer establishment assured us that all the stupid old Leave voters have died. Last night they found out we are still very much alive. Boris's win proves the soul of our nation is intact - I am so proud! - Lady Durrant 🇬🇧
  • I am disheartened by reports that Omoyele Sowore—activist, journalist, American citizen—was re-arrested by Nigeria's government President Buhari should heed the previous court rulings, and international sentiment, and immediately free Omoyele Sowore now - Chuck Schumer
  • The man who ate the $120,000 art installation featuring a banana duct-taped to a wall is far from apologetic: "It wasn't vandalism, it was art performance from me and absolutely I am not sorry." - CNN
  • Clinton 12/11/1998: "What I want the American people to know, what I want the Congress to know, is that I am profoundly sorry for all I have done." Trump 12/13/2019: "It's a scam...I watched the Democrats and the committee make fools out of themselves." - Kyle Cheney
  • Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson Has a Pretty Valid Reason For Getting Married at 7:45 AM - E! News
  • I am reupping this piece for no real reason - Asha Rangappa
  • The CAB is a attempt by Modi-Shah Govt to ethnically cleanse the North East. It is a criminal attack on the North East, their way of life and the idea of India. I stand in solidarity with the people of the North East and am at their service. - Rahul Gandhi
  • I am so excited to share my article on the musical representation of evil in #starwars with everyone! How John Williams’s Star Wars score pulls us to the dark side - Frank Lehman
  • Jack Black Forgot He Was In "The Holiday" And I Am Absolutely Hollering - BuzzFeed
  • "We have failed as nation, I am ashamed": Gautam Gambhir on Unnao case - NDTV
  • I am a volunteer firefighter. Yes, we 'want to be here' Scott Morrison, but there are limits | Geoff Goldrick - Lenore Taylor
  • With a Labour Govt we had hope, with a Bill of Rights for NI being pledged in Labour's manifesto Instead, with a Conservative majority, the government will continue unabated in it's attempts to rewrite a fundamental provision of the GFA #generalelection - Emma DeSouza
  • I am shocked, SHOCKED! that federal anti-racism adviser says she was punished for talking about PM's blackface #cdnpoli - Lorrie Goldstein
  • Ten days before the 2016 Presidential election, one of Facebook’s early investors sent an e-mail to Mark Zuckerberg and Sheryl Sandberg: “I am disappointed. I am embarrassed. I am ashamed.” - The New Yorker
  • This bill is horrifying and absolutely unconstitutional. I am praying for the safety and well-being of Indian Muslims every day. - Anjali C.
  • I am speaking out because I cannot bear to watch patients endangered by underfunding any longer. @borisjohnson, your NHS negligence is costing lives. It's my duty as a doctor to make you listen. - Dr. Andrew Meyerson
  • Now THIS is the disability content I am HERE for, @nytimes. Of course, the big difference between this and the rest of your ableist nonsense is that it's actually written by a disabled person. - Emily Ladau
  • Hi everyone who read this article. I am Itatsu from Official Liverpool Supporters Club Japan!!! It's honor for me to published on Liverpool Echo! YNWA. - ITATSU
  • It was gut-wrenching listening to former Bruin Tim Thomas describe the brain damage he has endured since disappearing from the public eye in 2014 "I didn't want to tell the world this stuff. Not till I felt ready and I didn't feel ready yet. But here I am" - Emily Kaplan



"A gratidão desbloqueia a abundância da vida. Ela torna o que temos em suficiente, e mais. Ela torna a negação em aceitação, caos em ordem, confusão em claridade. Ela pode t...

I'M FINALLY DOING A COLLAB 🥴 ~ rules : - tagg 3 editors that maybe want to join - repost on your

I'M FINALLY DOING A COLLAB 🥴 ~ rules : - tagg 3 editors that maybe want to join - repost on your story -comment which part you want to do and who you want to edit ~ GOOD LUCK BB...