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  • EDITORIAL | Six months and not so Amaz’n. It’s been six months since Feb. 14 when Amazon canceled its new Long Island City headquarters, along with 25,000 to 40,000 great-paying jobs. - New York Daily News
  • Ha, that's amaz--wait. There's a course in ninja history?! - setenv NAME="Benjamin D. Hutchins"
  • Today is Black Friday. And I’m asking anyone reading this not to buy physical goods from Amaz*n. - Caitlin McKenna
  • Determination always yields success. Best of luck to Ms. Amaz who is sitting her national exams in #ethiopia - IGADGender
  • Read about @LanaDelRey as post-truth spirit guide in today's Amaz*n Washington Post - Chris _ _ Richards
  • "Robots already automate some work inside factories and warehouses, such as moving boxes from place to place at Amaz… - Mark Howard
  • We are seeing massive consolidation in the cloud and data center businesses with only a few players remaining. Amaz… - John Shaw
  • Another story does well but here’s the inside tale ... Hansons’ books expert Jim Spencer is one of kindest, most talented, ridiculously modest, ambitious but humble people I have ever had the pleasure of working with. These amaz… - Jill Gallone
  • The Duchess of Cambridge (pictured) has spoken fondly of her and Prince William's 'special and amaz… - HASEEB
  • ICYMI, I was on #stopeverything on @RadioNational this morning, talking about all things Taylor Swift, and the tension of being a dedicated fan of a billionaire whose face is on Amaz*n packaging. (Spoiler: It's weird.) I'm on at the end of the program. - Kaitlyn
  • $UCLE US Nuclear to Present at the LD Micro Main Event (XII) - FRONTPAGESTOCKS SOLDIER❗
  • Maior parte do desmatamento da Amaz?nia no Mato Grosso ? ilegal - A Verdade
  • Governo edita MP para legalizar 300 mil posses rurais, 86% na Amaz?nia - RAIMUNDA
  • $AMAZ to Present at Singular Research’s “Best of the Uncovered” Conference in San Francisco on Thurs 12/12!! Register here: - Amazing Energy & Oil Gas Co.
  • "It may have been six months ago, but the fact that people are still willing to dedicate their time to us... it just means a lot."​ - WTVR CBS 6 Richmond
  • “There’s an amaz­ing amount of ar­ro­gance re­quired as a busi­ness leader to think you don’t need coach­ing...A founder’s ego can be self-destructive if it goes unchecked.” Hell Ya! ⁦@alexisohanian⁩ ⁦@reddit⁩ #ego #leadership #coaching - Robert Merlo
  • I was outraged a few years ago when I heard Strictly Come Dancing had refused a same-sex coupling. Dancing On Ice have announced we will see H from Steps dancing with Matt Evers YES!!! I am looking forward to seeing the amaz… - Gina Battye


جوانترین ڤیدیۆی ڕەنگاوڕەنگی پایزی ئەم ئێوارەیەی هۆرێن

جوانترین ڤیدیۆی ڕەنگاوڕەنگی پایزی ئەم ئێوارەیەی هۆرێن، لەدوای شەوو ڕۆژێک لەبارینی بارانی نەرم و خ...


UNA EXPERIENCIA NUEVA 🤩 ⠀ Fue muy divertido grabar estos vídeos. Saben que me encanta comer. L

UNA EXPERIENCIA NUEVA 🤩 ⠀ Fue muy divertido grabar estos vídeos. Saben que me encanta comer. La comida peruana es una de las mejores para mi. Este vez nos toco comida de la s...

RS6 Fits right in the US 🇺🇸 🤯 ______________________________________ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

RS6 Fits right in the US 🇺🇸 🤯 ______________________________________ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ [12/6/19] With the 2020 C8 RS6 having already landed in the US, ...