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  • Watch the moment this woman runs towards a raging bushfire in order to save a badly burned koala The woman even took off her top to save the crying animal who had been injured by the flames. Find more about Australia's helpless victims here: - Sky News
  • AUSTRALIA FIRES: One woman saved a koala badly burnt in the country's bush fires by taking the shirt off her back and wrapping the animal in it - CBS News
  • #breaking: Pelosi signs bill making animal cruelty a federal crime - The Hill
  • KOALA RESCUE - A woman rescued a koala caught in the middle of a fire in Australia Tues. The woman used her shirt to wrap the badly burned animal. She also offered it water from a bottle. The woman said she was going to bring the koala to a hospital. - CBS4 Miami
  • 51 dogs were dropped off in single U-Haul to Van Nuys animal shelter are in need of forever homes - ABC7 Eyewitness News
  • A mother koala enjoyed a cool shower from a hose while clinging to a backyard tree in Queensland, after a local woman noticed the animal panting from the heat of bushfires burning nearby. - ABC News
  • Animal rights activist suspected of stabbing a woman who wore fur boots in a Cleveland church In 2011, she was accused of offering up to $850 to a hit man for assassinating anyone wearing an animal pelt. - New York Daily News
  • Koalas struggling to survive the deadly bushfires in Australia have found an unlikely saviour... Bear, the dog with obsessive compulsive disorder, has been helping animal rescuers by sniffing out the marsupials in burnt out forests - Sky News
  • "ITS BEAUTY PIERCES YOUR HEART." @nytimes Critics' Pick #wavesmovie opens tonight in NY/LA! Bring your friends and emotional support animal— it contains no fewer than six performances that will wreck you - A24
  • Labour is calling time on those who illegally hunt, maim and kill wild animals such as deer, hen harriers, foxes and hares. Our animal welfare manifesto is the most ambitious animal welfare plan anywhere in the world. - Sue Hayman
  • LA! Someone dropped off 51 dogs to a shelter in LA. Go get a dog! Adopting two dogs was one of the greatest things that ever happened to me. - Fortune Feimster
  • New York Times op-ed: How Not to Kill an Animal. "It’s time to ban glue strips. It’s time to ban rat poison. It’s time to ban lead ammunition. It’s time to ban traps that injure but do not kill. There is no good reason not to." - Wolf Conservation Center
  • Unbearable: The Oakland Zoo says a child armed with a rock shattered a layer of a bulletproof-strength window at the bear exhibit. Officials say the animals are secure but new glass costs $67,000. - AP West Region
  • "We found that most tigers in this country live in small zoos and animal attractions" writes @sguynup, "where care standards can vary widely, in some cases endangering the animals in them and the humans who visit them." - National Geographic
  • If these cows who swam for miles to safety after being swept out to sea by Hurricane Dorian aren't proof that all animals want to live, we're not sure what is: - Farm Sanctuary
  • Staff at Mac's Mission, which is predominantly for animals with special needs, have called the puppy Narwhal. - BBC_HaveYourSay
  • Nearly every animal on the endangered species list is threatened by human-caused climate change, yet federal agencies aren't doing enough to protect those species from the threats, a new study finds. - Wolf Conservation Center
  • By now, we've all seen the incredible story of the brave, selfless woman who rescued that koala from the fires in Australia. She is a badass and hero. But the truth is, ALL of us have the opportunity to help animals every single day. Just stop eating them. - Ari Solomon
  • So big money is supporting wildlife trafficking, so NOT surprised!! Now to make them accountable! @Protect_Wldlife @PeterEgan6 @willtravers @ChrisGPackham @BellaLack @RobRobbEdwards @ARCrusade @shaunwalters041 @Ivy_Middleton - Xpose Trophy Hunting


Beautiful cat 🐈🐈 Bicolor cats that are black and white are sometimes called

Beautiful cat 🐈🐈 Bicolor cats that are black and white are sometimes called "magpies". The cream andwhite bicolor cat is the rarest of the bicolors, while the black a...

“La coccinella, animale che sembra un rubino, una gemma, una piccola goccia di sangue con sette pu

“La coccinella, animale che sembra un rubino, una gemma, una piccola goccia di sangue con sette punti neri. Appare preziosa, inoffensiva, vorace: divora afidi, ragnetti e pidocch...