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  • You may not want to hear this ... but the Aperol spritz is not a good drink - The New York Times
  • Holly Willoughby giggles after drinking Aperol Spritz and dancing with John Barrowman - John Barrowman MBE
  • 2018 was the year of Aperol spritz, oat milk, and overalls - Quartz
  • The NYT published a review condemning the Aperol spritz as "something that drinks like a Capri Sun after soccer practice on a hot day. Not in a good way." The internet aptly lost its mind. Party lines were drawn, couples were divided and booze was shed. - CNN
  • Campari's effort to make Aperol spritz the drink of the summer paid off big time - CNN
  • Will the 'prawn sandwich brigade' approve? Aperol Spritz named as Man Utd's official spirits partner - The Guardian
  • Was the writer of the Aperol Spritz takedown just trolling us? @BeckyKrystal investigates. - Lavanya Ramanathan
  • I guess it had to happen eventually.... Newspaper publishes article about orange wine, and illustrates it with a photo of.... an AperolSpritz! Sack the photo-editor! - Simon J Woolf
  • Now that Aperol spritz is passé, what should you be drinking this summer instead? - The Telegraph
  • An Aperol spritz canal is coming to London - Evening Standard
  • Stop everything! You can now get a FREE Aperol Spritz delivered to your door - The Sun
  • I don’t hate an Aperol spritz but I vastly prefer (and enthusiastically recommend) a spritz made with Cynar - Helen Rosner
  • For America's Aperol Spritz lovers, one potential silver lining of the trade war is that some Campari spirits might soon be produced closer to home (via @bopinion) - Bloomberg
  • You thought our #aperolspritz position was controversial? - Kim Severson
  • Aperol spritz is so last year. There’s a refreshing drink you need to be on this summer — it’s called tap water | Ellen E Jones - Evening Standard
  • Millennial booze startup Haus wants you to ditch the Aperol Spritz - Fast Company
  • I feel VERY ATTACKED @NYTimes | The Aperol Spritz Is Not a Good Drink - Adrian Lowe
  • You can now get Aperol Spritz and Espresso Martini ice lollies - The Sun