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  • The German government is telling the public they have nothing to fear over returning Islamic State members. - Andy Ngo
  • Tottenham poised to make move for veteran forward Zlatan Ibrahimovic following arrival of head coach Jose Mourinho. @JBurtTelegraph reports - - Telegraph Football
  • Mutton birds dead on arrival - Matthew Denholm
  • Six years of our lives, never to be regained, have been stolen by this cruel policy of indefinite offshore Detention. This is an egregious failure of humanity. This uncertainty must end #auspol - Shamindan
  • “We defend the campus because it is our home,” a student protester said. Demonstrators gathered at campuses, making petrol bombs and shields while preparing for police arrival. - SCMP News
  • With nearly 60,000 homeless people in L.A. County and limited resources, should taxpayers who can barely cover their own cost of living be on the hook for every new arrival from somewhere else in California or the nation? - Los Angeles Times
  • "The sudden arrival of families from India, for example, could reflect rising persecution against religious minorities, including Sikhs, Muslims and Christians, in that country under the government of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, a Hindu nationalist." - Ashok Swain
  • Gladys Berejiklian's Liberal Government is removing people from our trains. First it was the people who sold the tickets. Then the train drivers. Now it’s the safety guards. Only Labor understands that public transport also relies on people to run it. - Jodi McKay
  • REVEALED: Brendan Rodgers was Tottenham's first choice before turning to Mourinho... and Daniel Levy was plottin Pochettino's exit for A MONTH before it all ended in a blazing row | @AdrianJKajumba | @SamiMokbel81_DM - MailOnline Sport
  • 'You exiled me to Manus': Behrouz Boochani lashes Labor's 'shameful' response to NZ arrival - Abdul Aziz Adam
  • Newly arrived in NZ @BehrouzBoochani has hit out at Labor: 'You exiled me to Manus and you have supported this exile policy for years' - SBS News
  • With the arrival of Disney+, and HBO Max on the horizon, it's time to take a look at the current state of streaming. Will Netflix stay on top, or will one of the new players come out victorious? - IGN
  • Tottenham chairman Daniel Levy on Jose Mourinho's arrival... "We believe he will bring energy and belief to the dressing room." - Telegraph Football
  • The arrival of Channel 4 and Burberry in #leeds shows why #hs2 is already paying dividends to the north: - High Speed Rail Industry Leaders
  • “Buttigieg has become so recognizable, so fast, that it's almost easy to forget just how unusual his arrival was—or gloss over just how deeply his impact may be felt for years ahead.“ - Introverts for Pete
  • #beibei arrived at the China Conservation & Research Center for Giant Pandas Thursday. State media said the 4-year-old panda was in good health and enjoyed a bamboo breakfast after his arrival. Bei Bei will be quarantined for a month. - CBS4 Miami
  • A family of 7 German Islamists was expected to arrive in Berlin after Turkey announced that it would start deportations of captured "IS" supporters. There are no German arrest warrants for the family, meaning they will be free to return to their homes. - DW News
  • "The arrival of Jurgen Klopp as manager in October 2015 was a seismic moment in the history of #lfc and ultimately it did signal a shift in willingness to pay top dollar for the top players." - Liverpool FC News
  • The great 'city of the Persians' that flourished from Darius I until the arrival of Alexander....who burnt it down - In Our Time


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What is your favourite sci-fi film from this decade? • Arrival (2016) • IMDB Rating - 7.9 Rotten

What is your favourite sci-fi film from this decade? • Arrival (2016) • IMDB Rating - 7.9 Rotten Tomatoes Score - 94% Metacritic Score - 81% • Directed by - Denis Villeneuve ...