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  • In a country where people spend an average of an hour a day inside an automobile, Jonathan Castillo’s photographs—of drivers sitting at red lights, enclosed by steel and glass, thinking car thoughts—are as quotidian as it gets. - The New Yorker
  • IBM's Ginni Rometty says automobile brands are becoming less important - Aerodrive India
  • ‘Why Traffic Jams’ Twitter Comes to a Halt after BJP MP Dismisses Automobile Slowdown… - 757Live India
  • "If there’s decline in automobile sector, why are there traffic jam on roads": BJP MP Virendra Singh Mast's bizarre logic to reject the slowdown in the auto sector - News Nation
  • Bakths, What kind of parliamentarians you have... Pathetic... - Biju Nilgiris
  • One more Potential Noble prize winner in Economics! - Dr Imran Jan
  • What an investigational idea discovered by this saffron scientist!! Similar to their ancient discovery of plastic surgery!! - Kasim Sait
  • Is there standup comedy series going in Parliament - The World...
  • The BJP lawmaker from Balia said claims of slowdown in the automobile sector is a ploy to defame the nation. - News18 Politics
  • And now yet another politician has gone viral for his inane comment on the country's economic slowdown, especially in the auto sector. - News18.com
  • ‘If there is decline in automobile sales, why are there traffic jams,’ asks BJP MP - scroll.in
  • L'automobile est une nécessité et une liberté. Les écolos veulent nous en priver ou nous punir de l'utiliser. Nous, nous voulons que les Français puissent s'en servir sans se ruiner et en réduisant progressivement mais fermement leurs émissions polluantes - Jean MESSIHA
  • The top-most steel beam of 299 at Fiat Chrysler Automobile NV's plant on Detroit's east side was put in place with an actual evergreen on top to mark the successful and safe completion of the job. - The Detroit News
  • Cuba Automobile Market 2018 Size, Status and Industry Outlook - Cars News 2019
  • These numbers are huge but still media were roasting the Finance Minister @nsitharaman for mentioning, among other things, that the preference for shared mobility (Ola, Uber) was one of the reasons for the automobile slowdown. - Prasanna Viswanathan
  • “We’ve spent a century building our lives in the U.S. around the automobile, and it’s gonna take some years to undo that. But I think we’re seeing it happen in record time & bike share systems are driving that change.” - @carolinesampo See more here: - Citi Bike
  • Column | A gleaming blue hybrid #lexusnx 300h — a compact SUV — emerged from the sooty black void that is squatting like a toad on a large tract of north India - The Hindu
  • GM's former president is now running the self-driving-car company Cruise. He says it's time to move past the automobile. (GM) - HP Targeting, Inc.
  • Turkey Automobile Market Overview and Scope 2019 to 2025 - Cars News 2019


Ретро-автомобиль с подарками для создания новогоднего

Ретро-автомобиль с подарками для создания новогоднего настроения 🎁🎀🎁. . Тяжело выходит передав...

In today's episode of MotoMazing PitStop: -KTM adventure 390 & Orxa Mantis elecric unveiled at IBW 2

In today's episode of MotoMazing PitStop: -KTM adventure 390 & Orxa Mantis elecric unveiled at IBW 2019 -Honda launches the BS6 version of the city -Yamaha too launches the BS6 ver...

The Opel Kadett C is a small family car which was produced by the German automobile manufactur

The Opel Kadett C is a small family car which was produced by the German automobile manufacturer Opel from 1973 to 1979. The Kadett C, which was the third generation of the...