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  • Prominent figures in fashion and the arts are signing this petition on sexual harassment incuding #sarwatgilani, #ayeshaomar, #friehaaltaf. Sign here: - Hamna Zubair
  • Both the '#bulbulay' star, #ayeshaomar and #ahmedalibutt have been replaced for the upcoming fourth season - Tribune Life & Style
  • The actor will star alongside #shamoonabbasi, who'll play an Indian agent, in #dhaichaal. More: - Images
  • #kaafkangana has been written and directed by Khalil ur Rehman Qamar of Sadqe Tumhare fame. This will be his first film as director. The film has been made in collaboration with ISPR. #samikhan #ayeshaomar - Images
  • #ayeshaomar isn't worried about the initial public response to the #kaafkangana trailer and is confident the film will do well. - Images
  • The star made the decision after posting 'controversial' photos and videos of her trip to #ibiza, #spain - Tribune Life & Style
  • Ayesha Omar, Qurram Hussain to shake a leg in new song 'Turn up the Music, Mr DJ' #ayeshaomar - Tribune Life & Style
  • Trailer out: T-series gets trolled after mistaking #ayeshaomar as #hindimedium actress #sabaqamar - India TV
  • YouTube was where you went to get famous. Now the already super duper famous are trying to make it their home ground. More by @mariakari1414 here: - Images
  • In increasing numbers, Pakistani celebrities are turning to #youtube as the latest stomping grounds, writes @mariakari1414. Read: - Images
  • #ayeshaomar says #kaafkangana features not a love triangle but a love square! Read: - Images
  • No one talks about the fact that in sharia courts, British Muslim women have fewer rights than women in Islamic countries @mollygiles2015 ⁦@JuliaHB1⁩ ⁦@PippaCrerar⁩ @AYESHAOMAR - Philipcrawford
  • I hope these vermin of the earth can't sleep at night for the fear that they will be exposed so they know what it's like to live that way, scared and tortured. More power to you #ayeshaomar. - Zoya Mohsin
  • Lifting the veil of secrecy: What's life really like for Saudi women? ⁦@ayeshahazarika⁩ ⁦@AyeshaSmart⁩ ⁦@TheSun⁩ @afneil ⁦@JuliaHB1⁩ @AYESHAOMAR ⁦@PippaCrerar⁩ ⁦@Melmbr⁩ @The_Evil_Barbie ⁦@pimpmytweeting⁩ @5RB - RTMspecialist
  • 'A terrible shock': council hands flat owner £146,000 bill ⁦@Proplawyer⁩ ⁦@PropLawNI⁩ ⁦@RE_lawfeed⁩ ⁦@proplawyernews⁩ ⁦@proplaw⁩ ⁦@Propertyshe⁩ ⁦@StLovegrove⁩ ⁦@StephanieHirst⁩ @AYESHAOMAR ⁦@AyeshaSmart - Philipcrawford
  • ‘We’ll tear your place down’ Yellow vests warn Macron as police fire tear gas The BBC Wong show this @AYESHAOMAR ⁦@AyeshaSmart⁩ ⁦@ayeshahazarika⁩ ⁦@SteveBakerHW⁩ ⁦@barristerjulia⁩ ⁦@BarristerJac⁩ ⁦@barristerj222⁩ @LMPlaw - Leasehold Law
  • Corbyn and Starmer vow to destroy 'miserable failure' of Brexit talks God help this country if Labour are elected to run it.. ⁦@SarahForshaw1⁩ ⁦@BarristerAlex⁩ ⁦@lettingsbar1⁩ ⁦@BarristerRF⁩ ⁦⁦@BarristerLM⁩ @AYESHAOMAR - Leasehold Law
  • RT dawn_images: Survivors of childhood cancer relate their stories at an event by the #childaidassociation #ayeshaomar #hinadilpazeer - A Mehmood
  • RT dawn_images: #sanamsaeed and #ayeshaomar spotted at the launch of #pakistaninternationalfilmfestival! Just what is #karachifilmsociety's new festival all about? Find out here: - Pakistan News