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  • A footnote cited FBI officials who supported Mr. Trump's campaign and expressed hostility toward Mrs. Clinton. It quoted text messages celebrating his surprise electoral win, including one by an agent who later explained he was glad Mrs. Clinton lost. - Kyle Griffin
  • During her first visit to Africa, #cardib made sure to carve out some time to give back to the less fortunate - billboard
  • Advisory asks news channels to be cautious regarding any content which, ‘is likely to encourage or incite violence’ - The Hindu
  • If you're still waking up to the news, here is what the I&B ministry told TV news channels yesterday as Assam protested the Citizenship Bill. - Supriya Sharma
  • Wild story from the north coast of Vancouver Island of an octopus fighting a bald eagle: - Robson Fletcher
  • One of our January cover stars, Cardi B, has had quite the style evolution. - Vogue Magazine
  • Our fourth January cover star is @iamcardib! With motherhood, a new album, and ever-escalating fame, how does Cardi B handle the pressure? Without apologies: “It’s hard for me to be soft, period,” she tells us (among other things). Read the full profile: - Vogue Magazine
  • Brazil's Jair Bolsonaro calls activist Greta Thunberg a 'brat' - The Washington Times
  • ‘Anti-national attitudes’: I&B ministry cautions TV channels on day of Citizenship Bill protests - Shoaib Daniyal
  • "This whole year has just been a lot for me." @iamcardib, one of our four January cover stars, opens up about her next album, politics, marriage, motherhood and more. - Vogue Magazine
  • The Justice Department inspector general who reviewed the FBI's handling of its investigation into Russia's 2016 election interference testified in a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on Tuesday that his report didn't "vindicate anybody who touched this" - The New York Times
  • Breaking News: A Justice Department watchdog report criticized how the FBI handled the early stages of the Russia investigation. But it found no evidence to support President Trump's claim of a politicized conspiracy against him. - The New York Times
  • It was a short but historic moment on the Fraser River on Tue morning as Vancouver-based Harbour Air completed the debut test flight of what aims to be the world's first fully electric commercial aircraft. Hey @Jkenney not a new fossil file burning plane - 🍁 Merlin 🍁
  • President Trump lashed out at Christopher Wray, the FBI director, after Wray said that he agreed with a Justice Department watchdog report released on Monday that found no evidence of political bias in the origins of the bureau's Russia investigation - The New York Times
  • A Kremlin-style troll farm. Happening now, in the UK. We are in urgent need of a. New election rules. b. Serious penalties (eg forfeiting an election) for lying and cheating. Otherwise, democracy goes down the toilet. - George Monbiot
  • A trip to an orphanage and a party at a strip club, here are some memorable moments from Cardi B’s first Africa tour - CNN Africa
  • [email protected] is a master of the beauty quick change. - Vogue Magazine
  • Watch the unveiling of the Biggie Inspires mural created by Hoa Hong - XXL Magazine
  • The latest installment from @iamcardib on why she supports @BernieSanders: “he has the perfect intentions.” - Annie Grayer