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  • Cobra post chief Anirudh Bahal who exposed Amit Shah's snooping scandal, gets VIP security cover - Kanchan Srivastava
  • Aniruddha Bahal of @Cobrapost told @indianexrpress the investigation was conducted by Pushp Sharma on his own and Cobrapost “bought” it from him. Asked if any money exchanged hands, Bahal said, “How could we give money? We don’t have any money.” - The Indian Express
  • All the six labourers were resident of Bahal Nagar village in Sagardighi area of West Bengal's Murshidabad district - India Today
  • We are a banana republic, and the aftermath of Operation 136 made the mainstream media look even worse: @cobrapost founder Aniruddha Bahal tells @betwasharma in an interview - HuffPost India
  • Tanuja Bahal of @PPMarMonte and Jodi Neuman of @TrilliumAM explain how the Trump-Pence administration's pending gag rule to the Title X program hurts families and the economy: - Planned Parenthood Action
  • Esha Bahal, a student of Political Science in a #noida university, became the British High Commissioner to India for 24 hours! - The New Indian Express
  • Where is paid agent Aniruddha Bahal and @cobrapost? Guj HC scraps Snoopgate probe panel after plea by Lady's father. - Deepak Dev
  • #snapdeal's Kunal Bahal, Rohit Bansal realise 'profit is sanity': Full text of their email to staff - Firstpost
  • Timing of sting is obvious-#cobrapost Bahal says,Prashant Bhushan, Ashutosh have donated money, - Mirror of India
  • Murshidabad: The mortal remains of labourers killed in #jammuandkashmir were handed over to their families in Bokhara Bahal Nagar village #westbengal - India Today
  • Cobrapost editor Aniruddha Bahal alleged that the money had been used to buy shares and other private assets in India and abroad, including in countries like the UK, Dubai, Sri Lanka and Mauritius. - Outlook Magazine
  • It may still be safest to meet a sensitive source, but investigative journalism in this wired world is nothing like it used to be: Aniruddha Bahal on how investigative journalism has changed over time #outlookturns23 - Outlook Magazine
  • International Day of the Girl Child: Indian Student Esha Bahal Becomes British High Commissioner For 24 Hours - Sharbani Banerjee
  • Hearty congrats to Esha Bahal... proud daughter of a proud father... CONGRATS Esha on this golden Opportunity... - INDvestigations
  • Haha....Good joke, Commie lady on this point >"b) China's handling of nationality issues in Tibet & Xinjiang isn't a lot better than India's handling of Kashmir " Btw, do U know how Chinese Commies handle ppl of Xinjiang & Tibet...just an example: - Ram Gopal
  • #icymi Cobrapost founder Aniruddha Bahal speaks to @betwasharma about Operation 136 its fallout, and the continued use of sting operations - HuffPost India
  • Hahahaha see this one #cobrapost fans | link -> - I


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