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  • Peter Maass's question to Peter Handke reveals a great deal about the Nobel laureate: he still isn't prepared to explain his coziness with Milosevic. Instead, he dismisses the question as toilet paper. - Roy Gutman
  • L0ra: Aral Balkan (@[email protected]): mTiny robot review: Screen-free coding for kids - L0ra
  • From Mark Mazower, leading historian of twentieth century Europe, fascism, Balkan jewry, ethnic conflict and himself a British Jew. Would be interested in your stance that erases the many Jews who also support Labour in this election - andrew cruickshank
  • Nobel winner Handke dodges questions on Balkan wars - NewsPhilippines
  • Our most recent paper in Scientific Reports: Hydropower development will disproportionately impact areas of high freshwater megafauna richness in South America, South and East Asia, and the Balkan region. Careful planning required. - Klement Tockner
  • Serbian and Chinese security forces held joint anti-terror drills in the Balkan country on Thursday in a sign of Beijing’s growing influence in the volatile region. - This Week
  • Rescuers in Albania dug through the rubble of collapsed buildings in search of survivors on Tuesday, after a 6.4-magnitude earthquake struck the Balkan nation, killing at least 23 people and... - Real Estate Invst SA
  • Balkan countries rush to help in Albanian earthquake - Jairo Rodriguez
  • Our new study in @SciReports identifies impact areas of future large hydropower dams on #freshwater #megafauna in South America, South and East Asia, and the Balkan region - include #biodiversity in decision-making on new dams - Sonja Jähnig
  • Defiant Nobel winner Handke dismisses questions on Balkan wars, refused to address question on whether Srebrenica massacre took place - Luke Baker
  • Defiant Nobel winner Handke dismisses questions on Balkan wars - Reuters
  • NEW in @AlMonitor: Western Balkan states have taken back around 100 Islamic State fighters from Syria, a senior State Dept official said today, but Trump admin is struggling to help Middle Eastern nations reintegrate 1000s of ISIS & Houthi fighters - Jack Detsch
  • Casual Balkan racism, all ex-Yu nations are guilty of this: Croatia wrongly deports Nigerian table tennis players to Bosnia, even thought they had valid visas - Milena Veselinovic
  • From lush African forests to vast Latin American deserts, watery Balkan paradises to ancient Middle Eastern cities, here are 25 of the world’s most beautiful places: - Tilton Wealth Mgmt
  • "As a recent Balkan Insight investigation revealed, the German far-right (including the AfD) has also been building ties to both the Croatian and Serbian far-right." @ForeignPolicy cites RVI Fellow @elevio64's recent investigation with @BIRN_Network. - Resonant Voices
  • As the #balkan winter begins to bite @UNmigration has increased concerns for vulnerable migrants - IOM Austria - Regional Office
  • Belarus Invites EU-Hopeful Serbia to Turn to Russia-Led Bloc Belarus’s president has called on Serbia to establish closer ties with a Russian-led economic group despite the Balkan country’s efforts to become a member of the European Union... - Top U.S. & World News🗽
  • “If we look at the big geopolitical context, it is very clear that the European path needs to be kept open for all Western Balkan countries, provided they meet the requirements, this is not an automatic process, otherwise this void is going to be filled." - Mireille | ْمِيراي
  • NATO can't promise to repair Baltic impasse with Turkey The discord may rumble on... While Erdogan pushes nationalist view when it comes to the Kurds, the Balkan problem clearly serves Russia well, along with S-400 purchase and the Syria incursion - Mark Bentley


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