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  • 'Generations Will Salute Stand You Took in 2019': IIM Bangalore staff/students appeal to MPs to vote out #citizenshipamendmentbill. It is against the founding principles of the republic and is 'highly unlikely to benefit even the intended beneficiaries'. - Samar Halarnkar
  • BBC News - Hyderabad rape: 'Blame the men - not the safe city' #hyderabad has been viewed as a safe city. It accounts for 5.6% of the country's reported crimes against women, far fewer than Delhi (28.3%) or even Bangalore (8.7%), an IT hub. available. - Ashis Basu
  • Across the halfway mark, In an attempt to raise awareness about #cauverycalling, the pedal pushers have taken a cycle rally from Bangalore to Isha Yoga Centre, Coimbatore, have reached Salem. Read more about #cauverycalling and this team of cyclists here - Rally For Rivers - Cauvery Calling
  • It’s a great time to be a kid - Bangalore Mirror - John R. Sankovich
  • 2 months ago, this 15-year old Bangalore girl poisoned her dad, stabbed him to make sure he was dead and then burnt his body. All because he didn't approve of her relationship with an older boy. She will walk free after a short time in a juvie home. - Jay
  • IIM Bangalore faculty have more spine than Nitish Kumar when it comes to Citizenship Bill - Shivam Vij
  • IIM-Bangalore: Faculty, students write collectively to the Parliament against the #citizenshipamendmentbill2019 Meanwhile, leading 'Elite' institutions: *silence* - rvk
  • Free electricity & water. Top class medical care through mohalla clinics. Govt schools have been re-energized. Women don’t have to pay bus fare. With all this: budget surplus. Delhi pop: 1.9cr BLR pop: - Whitefield Rising
  • Five eco-warriors from Team Beautiful Bengaluru are featured today in Bangalore Times on a subject so simple and yet so important - #zerowasteshopping. - Beautiful Bengaluru
  • 'Generations Will Salute Stand You Took in 2019': IIM before Tabling of #cabbill Faculty is of the view tht the #citizenshipamendmentbill2019 is against the founding principls of the 'Republic of India', and is 'highly unlikely to benfit. @Shehla_Rashid - Ayaaz Ahmad Qaasmi
  • 'Generations Will Salute Stand You Took in 2019': IIM Bangalore's Plea Before Tabling of Citizenship Amendment Bill - Ajit Anjum
  • After labelling JNU, IIT'S now IIM Bangalore cud b d new Anti-national college 4 bhakt brigade. Soon Jio University will b launched to produce 100% organic nationalist students Bigotry wil be d main subject 4 entrance exam #citizenshipamendmentbill - अनमोल पालेकर
  • "We have reduced onion usage due to the price hike," V Kamat, Treasurer of Bangalore Hotels Association, said. - India Today
  • Onion Price in Bangalore: Onions from Egypt, Turkey sold out within hours in Bengaluru | Bengaluru News - Times of India - architect-modrnINDIA
  • Sir where is "Secularism and Republic India" in this bill.... At least I will like to support the IIM Banglore's petition.... - Dilip Singh
  • #photos: Bengaluru artist's take on the #hyderabadencounter - Bangalore Mirror
  • Ecstatic to share my first PhD paper! Flexibility of fast reflexes, like antennal positioning in insects, arise from hierarchical feedback loops . This allows behaviors to be rapid, yet sufficiently flexible. - Dinesh Natesan
  • South United FC conceded in the 92nd minute having played most of the game a man down. - SK Indian Football
  • In today's paper: the best art books of the year! - Jason Farago


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