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  • Veteran goes viral after barbershop finds his heartbreaking note: 'My heart just sank' - Jodie Bohrer
  • LOVE IT! Lots of folks stepping up to help after veteran Lyndon Dale Flowers, of Maine, wrote this note and left it at a barbershop. He just wanted someone to take him out to eat! - Vanessa Ruffes FOX13
  • JCPenney opened a new store with fitness classes, personal styling, and a barbershop, and it's unlike anything else we've seen from the brand - Business Insider
  • Flowers left a note at Judy and Heather’s Barbershop requesting someone to share a meal with him that evening. It read: “Would someone like to take a local disabled veteran to dinner on Veterans Day? No car. My treat,” and included his phone number... - PatriciaT
  • Shots Fired Into Barbershop In Oak Park - CBS Chicago
  • 'She is not your rehab': The barbershop helping men heal from trauma - Syeda Akther
  • Right down the road from me .. - Nick Pavone
  • #fitness JCPenney Hurst, TX store opens with fitness classes, styling services - Business Insider - Gift Wellness
  • ‘We aren’t here to demonise men, we are simply here to encourage and facilitate healing' - Metro Lifestyle
  • Two people were hurt in a shooting incident Thursday afternoon inside a Lynn building that houses a barbershop and a hair salon, authorities said. - The Boston Globe
  • An authentic Kiwi approach to healing... - Claire Turnham MBE
  • A #feelgoodstory today: The whiff of shaving cream. The gentle lull of Frank Sinatra from the radio. The snip of the scissors -- Lenny White recreates the barbershop ambiance in assisted living facilities around Northern Ireland. #kindnessmatters - Darrel Daniels
  • "For me, the dementia doesn't even come into it because I'm treating them just as a normal person." Belfast's dementia-friendly barber replicates a traditional barbershop in care homes, down to the music playing on the jukebox. #mondaymotivation - St Monica Trust
  • Surveillance Video Shows Masked Gunman Open Fire At Lynn Barbershop - Boston News Now
  • Shooting at Lynn barbershop injures 2 people - Boston.com
  • In Northern #ireland, a #dementia friendly barber shop has opened up to bring some positivity into the lives of people with dementia #agingnews via @CNN - GlobalAgeingNetwork
  • Ms Warren visited small African-American businesses in an effort to cut that gap. After posing with kids at a hardware store, she went to a barber shop - Lil'Aphasia
  • "At the Holmes II barber shop in Savannah, live impeachment broadcast was showing Wednesday on three TVs. Barbers and their customers barely seemed to look up as they talked about NFL football and new phone apps." - Cristina Marcos
  • Great piece in the @torontostar by @kdaubs "When the box shattered the window, the men inside Louis Long’s barbershop thought the world was ending. A raucous mob was running through the November night, targeting storefronts with Chinese characters." - MYSEUM OF TORONTO