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  • "A doctor rushed in and said he needed the bed. "We were taken out of that room and placed in another room which had no bed to lie in. "My son was forced to sleep on the floor. 4year old pneumonia victim - no bed. End 9 years of this Eton mess. - Peter Kay
  • NEW: Hillary Clinton puts lesbian rumors to bed: ‘Never even been tempted’ - NBC Out
  • Sick boy, 4, forced to sleep on a hospital floor because it had no bed free is why this election is about more than Brexit. Discussing on @GMB in a mo - Kevin Maguire
  • Oh look, here’s Boris Johnson mocking the niqab as “wacko women’s gear” and "a sort of blue tent with a letterbox hole for the nose”. That puts to bed the claim he was defending women’s rights. Nope, he was simply making fun of muslim women. - Mikey Smith
  • Children like Charlotte are suffering in Tory Britain every day. It doesn’t have to be like this, put an end to it on 12th December Whatever you do #votelabour Mum living off £5 a day skips meals and puts daughter to bed in coat for warmth - Juliet Brown #JC4PM 🌹
  • Philip Paine dragged the dementia-suffering pensioner across a bed as she pleaded with him to stop. His victim was also suffering from lung failure and breast cancer and was described as "being distressed and struggling to get a breath at this time". - ⫷ ᴅᴀᴠɪᴅ ᴛᴏᴅᴅ ⫸
  • No family should have to struggle to put food on the table & no child should have to go to bed hungry. SNAP is a lifeline for millions of Americans in MA & across the country. We should be expanding this program – not tearing it apart. - Elizabeth Warren
  • It's been 50 years since Chicago police officers shot and killed Illinois Black Panther Party leader Fred Hampton in his bed. @WBEZreset took a look back at Hampton's life and the lasting impact of his work. - NPR
  • Woman, 90, in terrible pain has to wait in A&E for hospital bed for 48 hours - Terry Norman #CorbynOutrider
  • Jacqueline Jossa ‘will never leave husband Dan Osborne unless she catches him herself in bed with another woman’ - The Sun
  • If you complain because the NHS put a man who identifies as a woman in the next bed to you on a ward you can now be kicked off that ward for “transphobia”. Repeat. A woman will be kicked off a women’s ward for understanding biology and her rights. - Jean Hatchet
  • #britainunderthetories Mum living off £5 a day on Universal Credit skips meals to feed kids; can't afford heating, children put to bed in their coats. Influential think-tank says child poverty will rise to 60 year high if Conservatives stay in government. - Elsa🏳️‍🌈💚
  • Sleep researcher: here's how to become one of those people who fall asleep instantly @entrylevelrebel - Inc.
  • Viljoen not playing, he’s lying in bed with my sister: du Plessis' hilarious reply at coin toss - Sports News - Naresh
  • I’m sure they’d prefer to be within a few hundred miles of their closest mental health bed... - Dr Dominic Pimenta
  • Jesse Eisenberg on the bedtime bullying tactics of two-year-olds. - The New Yorker
  • There may be some mild risks associated with going to bed with wet hair - TIME
  • How to sleep: Consuming this drink before bed could help with a good night’s - Nicholas D. Miller
  • We need to look at this image the way we look at images of cigarettes smoldering in ashtrays. On bedside tables. With children asleep in the bed. Cities are banning natural gas in new homes, citing climate change - Dr. Sandra Steingraber


AU CARRÉ Il y a des jours où le lit reste défait jusqu’à tard dans l’après-midi et d’autr

AU CARRÉ Il y a des jours où le lit reste défait jusqu’à tard dans l’après-midi et d’autres où il est fait très tôt dans la matinée. Cette tête de lit que j’aime...