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  • Take a peek at Song Hye-kyo's lovely dogs! - KpopHerald
  • Good dog story #dogs #bichonfrise - Lucy Lynch
  • PHOTOS: Flynn, a #bichonfrise wins #bestinshow at the #westminsterdogshow2018 > Brendan McDermid on @YahooNews > - Yahoo News Photos
  • When you lose so badly, you win, AKA @CTVCourtney's "I'm watching this 80 times today" vid... Winky's laid-back style has fans cheering. - Kevin Stanfield
  • Move over, , there’s an internet sensation named #winky, a #bichonfrise who broke the internet at @WKCDOGS’ agility course. Meet #winky the bichon frise, Westminster's breakout star - Miyuko
  • #winky the #bichonfrise does #westminsterkennelclub #agility at a #casual pace. #winky #ftw #wkc ⁦@WKCDOGS⁩ #funisthepointhere! #stoptosayhitothecrowd #becuteandpose ⁦@LivePDK9⁩ ⁦@Steve51Thom⁩ ⁦@michaeljthom⁩ ⁦@cindy_thom⁩ - Thom(friendly)Law & #Remy🐶Bichon(taking over)
  • As a #bichonfrise parent, I totally get Winky the Bichon’s style/pace in this agility competition. - Lisa Shoemaker
  • Winky is our Ellie's sister, and we totally know this attitude. So proud of Winky & just gotta love the #bichonfrise! @RiaGia @Ace_The_Bichon @EllieMurrayWags @abs0 @cowbeastie - Samantha V
  • Flynn the #bichonfrise from Metro Detroit who won Best in Show at the 2018 Westminster Kennel Club Show is on #michiganmatters this week - Also on the show the #roundtable discusses the upcoming primaries in August. - CBS Detroit
  • This #bichonfrise puppy tries to jump on a bed with a baby. #tooshort - Dog Friendly B&B
  • Reminds me of my childhood best friend. RIP, Dutch. Smartest little dog ever. Go down to the cold cellar and bring me a potato, little guy. #besttrickever #bichonfrisé Flynn, a Bichon Frisé, Tops a Strong Field for Best in Show at Westminster - Josh Ng-Kamstra MDCM, MPH
  • Flynn the #bichonfrise Wins Best in Show at Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show - NY Breeder
  • Flynn the #bichonfrise is 2018's @WKCDOGS #bestinshow - Hounds of Hope
  • And the winner is... A #bichonfrise Let’s hear it for the Bichons#flynn, the Bichon Frise, is crowned top dog at the Westminster Dog Show in New York - Bailey✝️AllLivesMatter®️
  • My heart belongs to the #terrier but a hearty congratulations to Flynn the Bichon Frise who captured the hearts of many at @WKCDOGS . #bichonfrise #flynn #bestinshow #dogshow - Gail Eckert
  • The winning #bichonfrise is pretty cute, but I would’ve chose Biggie the #pug #westminsterdogshow #dogsarelove - Dr. Stacy
  • How come our #bichonfrise doesn’t look like that? - Jonathan Cannon
  • This is the adorable moment a #bichonfrise mum gives her pup a helping hand in sitting for treats. - Dog Friendly B&B
  • Warning: You may want to have some tissues handy! A grieving Guelph, Ontario man was overcome with emotion after being surprised with a #bichonfrise puppy following the deaths of the family's two dogs. Lumo was born at Bichon Lovers (Fern Flett). - Canadian Kennel Club


I’ve been connecting with this precious little being named Benji for years. He’s my dog-nephew.

I’ve been connecting with this precious little being named Benji for years. He’s my dog-nephew. ☺️ Naturally, his human’s have a direct Connect with Keao Hotline! ☎️ ...


紅葉散歩🍁🐾😊 * 写真を撮っていたら 『わぁ~お利口さんね~』 と声

紅葉散歩🍁🐾😊 * 写真を撮っていたら 『わぁ~お利口さんね~』 と声をかけてもらいました。 ②褒めてもらったら嬉しくてお耳が...