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  • Retired Court of Appeal judge Sir Martin Moore-Bick to be appointed to lead public inquiry into #grenfelltower fire - BBC Breaking News
  • Sir Martin Moore-Bick chosen to lead public inquiry into Grenfell Tower fire - BBC News (UK)
  • Grenfell Tower inquiry to be led by retired judge Sir Martin Moore-Bick - The Guardian
  • We have a pretty good idea what's heading the way of our London comrades, from this frankly, a**e about face enquiry. Moore-Bick should remember, our colleagues didnt wrap Grenfell in highly flammable cladding, for purely aesthetic purposes. Others did!! - [email protected] North East
  • Sir Martin Moore-Bick "well aware" #grenfelltower residents & local people want much "broader investigation" - BBC Breaking News
  • Sir Martin Moore-Bick lacks "credibility" with #grenfelltower families, says Labour MP Emma Dent Coad - BBC News (UK)
  • The inquiry "can and will provide answers" - Sir Martin Moore-Bick opens public inquiry into Grenfell Tower fire - BBC News (UK)
  • It seems my concerns about the suitability of Sir Martin Moore-Bick chairing the #grenfelltower inquiry were justified. Scapegoating the Fire & Rescue Service won't prevent another tragedy. We must address the impact of 40 years of deregulation and cuts. - Chris Williamson #GTTO
  • Sir Martin Moore-Bick must stand in the shoes of Grenfell victims and interrogate the authorities on their behalf - David Lammy
  • Kathy Griffin on her 18-year age gap with boyfriend Randy Bick: 'I didn't think it would last' - People
  • Kathy Griffin Splits from Boyfriend Randy Bick After 7 Years Together: 'I Will Always Adore Him' - People
  • I doubt Martin Moore-Bick has ever visited one of our inner-city tower blocks, but I hope that he will do so soon. - David Lammy
  • Sir Martin-Moore Bick has begun his statement at the #grenfelltower fire inquiry - The Guardian
  • [email protected] has more on what happened at the closing of Moore-Bick's statement at the #grenfelltower fire inquiry - The Guardian
  • macht eurer Bick.-Mac zu Hause ist Billiger u. schmeckt besser. Burger King: DIESE Änderungen werden nicht jedem Gast schmecken - - Horst Schröder
  • David Cameron and Theresa May must be called before inquiry to answer for Grenfell Tower failings, councillors demand ‘Sir Martin Moore-Bick needs to prove that he does not believe Tory ministers are above the law’ - Socialist Voice 🌐
  • “There is no greater threat to a child’s emotional well-being than being separated from a primary caregiver. Even if it was for a short period, for a child, that’s an eternity,” said Johanna Bick, a psychology professor at the University of Houston. - Linda Hill
  • Wise words from @Alexander_Bick & ⁦@Katulis⁩ on what the US should do in Syria next, including by seizing on areas of relative calm in northern & eastern Syria. - Hassan Hassan
  • Smart piece on Syria by former NSC official Alex Bick and @Katulis via @ForeignPolicy - Colin Kahl