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  • Tens of thousands of birds die flying into New York City's buildings every year, @AP reports - Bloomberg
  • When the bird of gold fell: India’s 18th century history can be instructive for the present, provided the right lessons are learned Read today's opinion piece in TOI - Times of India
  • Shocking! By the year 2007, India saw a 99% decline in 3 gipsy species of vultures. - Financial Express
  • Bwindi Impenetrable Forest is the most beautiful place on Earth declares CNN. I couldn't agree more. With over 400 mountain gorillas and 348 bird species it's a true jewel of the natural world. Godbless Uganda! - Muhoozi Kainerugaba
  • #groupoftheyear: In their 2017 hit single “Mic Drop,” @BTS_twt metaphorically flipped the bird at their detractors, singing about filling their bags up with trophies. It turns out, they weren’t wrong. My latest for @variety: - Jae-Ha Kim 김재하
  • Justin Bieber Gets New Neck Tattoo of Large Bird - TMZ
  • The opening sequence of #birdsofprey truly wowed the crowd at Brazil's Comic Con Experience, with screaming so loud that the dialogue was at times inaudible - The Hollywood Reporter
  • Toss what’s left of your festive bird, bones and all, into a pot with some water and make a highly slurpable noodle soup. Some greens and a poached egg make it all the more satisfying. - The Wall Street Journal
  • Uncovered a crazy story in Knicks-Celtics history: Larry Bird accidentally prompted Red Auerbach to fire a Celtics ballboy for being a Knicks fan, but the ballboy got the last laugh - Stefan Bondy
  • After a slew of Oscar noms for 'Lady  Bird,' director Greta Gerwig turns her cameras on a 150-year-old novel: "I was seized by the spirit of Louisa  May  Alcott." - The Hollywood Reporter
  • Dead birds and rashes: Hong Kong residents fear teargas poisoning — Police have fired 10,000 canisters in protests, sparking health scare over possible harmful effects - Alfons López Tena #FBPE
  • Margot Robbie and the cast of next year’s #birdsofprey debuted all-new footage, including the opening sequence of the movie itself, at Brazil's Comic Con Experience - The Hollywood Reporter
  • as we head into the holiday season i would like to remind you that the official xmas bird should be the red crossbill, who, according to folklore, tried to pull the nails out of jesus on the cross, resulting in its crossed bill and red color from the blood - ryan
  • The California condor, the largest bird in North America, is making a comeback from the brink of extinction thanks to a Los Angeles Zoo new tactic to boost the population - CBS News
  • Did you know the Twitter bird actually has a name? Meet Larry! We had no idea! :D via: - SkyNet Social
  • The citizens of Hong Kong face yet another round of health problems as a consequence of their government’s use of tear gas against them. One big problem begets another. May the force be with this beautiful city! #standwithhongkong - Uffe Elbaek
  • Hong Kong Police have fired... >10,000 canisters of tear gas > 4,000 rubber bullets > 19 live rounds ...over the past six months. We are being poisoned in our own home. All we want is our democracy and freedom. #standwithhk - Fight For Freedom. Stand With Hong Kong.
  • The last time anyone saw great auks in the wild, in 1844, members of an expedition found a pair of the birds on an Icelandic island, strangled them and crushed their only egg. New research shows humans are to blame for the rest of them going extinct, too. - The New York Times
  • In the bleak midwinter birds practice for their summer performances - The Economist


. . 〜先日の会話で〜 . . . 上司「今日靴下短いから足首寒いねん〜」 . . 虎

. . 〜先日の会話で〜 . . . 上司「今日靴下短いから足首寒いねん〜」 . . 虎「あ、そうなんですか?? でもあれですよね、 体の【首】...

Costa Rica has an incredible diversity of species including over 948 species of Birds. This includes

Costa Rica has an incredible diversity of species including over 948 species of Birds. This includes 50 species of Hummingbirds. On my trip i was lucky enough to see around 20 spe...


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hızlıca sönüp sonlanan bir şeyler var ağaç,yaprak,kuş hızlıca sevincin hüzne uyanması hızlıca.. uyanmış ruhun sonsuza büzülmesi hızlıca sona ulaşmak için hı...