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  • Frozen 2 Stars React to Box Office Debut, Disney Princess Bisexuality – Variety - シヅキ
  • Truth About Rumor Angelina Jolie Is Dating Evan Rachel Wood Amid Bisexual Claims - BABYDOLL666
  • "The survey also found that more than one in 10 (11 per cent) would be uncomfortable living at home with their lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender child." - Equality at BU
  • Bisexual Catman exists and now all we want is his live action movie. - Out Magazine
  • In ‘As Much as I Can,’ Black Gay and Bisexual Men Share Their HIV Stories - 莊益銘[先知]
  • "I hope my black, bisexual, femme presence shows a sister that she has a place in this world" - Nicholes Family Law
  • News: Gay, bisexual men increasingly agree: HIV “Undetectable Equals Untransmittable” - NIH
  • HPV vaccine for gay and bisexual men is long overdue but it’s not enough to protect everyone from preventable cancers - 莊益銘[先知]
  • Kristen Stewart: ‘It's not confusing if you’re bisexual. For me, it’s the opposite’ - daniele 👼
  • “He’s bi-homicidal, it’s not the same thing,” said Moffat. “He’s killing them, not dating them.”... Dracula is ‘bi-homicidal’ not bisexual, says co-writer Steven Moffat. Really Queen !? #queerhorror #queerhorrordoctor #bbcdracula - Dr Darren Elliott-Smith 🏳️‍🌈💀
  • Gay people were not allowed to serve in the military until a rule change in 2000 - The Telegraph
  • Ex-Dallas Cowboys Player Ryan Russell Announces He's Bisexual - Peaches
  • Typical. You wait for one bisexual to come along, then 7 billion turn up at once. - James 🏳️‍🌈 💗💜💙
  • Took the MoD long enough to grow up and accept things FFS!! Those medals were awarded for his bravery and service, his sexual orientation does NOT matter!!! - Howard Chin
  • BBC’s new Dracula is ‘bi-homicidal’ not bisexual - The Independent
  • Falklands War veteran 'discharged from Royal Navy for being bisexual' to have his medal returned - The BiCast 💖💜💙
  • Openly bisexual MMA fighter Jason Ellis doesn’t feel welcome in the LGBTQ community: being rejected ‘hurts’ - gaymen-online
  • #dearprudie: Our whole friend group has been waiting for me to “figure out” I’m bisexual because I’m “obviously into Greg.” This is all news to me! What do I do next? - Slate
  • Bisexual veteran kicked out of Navy becomes first of many to get medals returned - Daily Mirror