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  • Kodak Black Gets Nearly 4 Years in Prison in Federal Gun Case - TMZ
  • BREAKING: Rapper Kodak Black sentenced to 46 months in prison on federal weapons charges - Miami Herald
  • A Miami federal judge sentenced South Florida rapper Kodak Black to 46 months in prison Wednesday on weapons charges, far less than the maximum 10-year sentence he could have received - Miami Herald
  • #breaking: Kodak Black reportedly sentenced to nearly four years in prison - XXL Magazine
  • The Milky Way's black hole kicked a star out of our galaxy - CNN
  • Sound Transit says they plan to start an online survey about fare enforcement tomorrow as they consider whether to change policies. On-board survey coming at the end of the month. We covered the racial disparities in who's cited for fare evasion here: - Heidi Groover
  • Black and Indigenous voices often missing from climate change discussions - CBC Indigenous
  • A Black Server Says He Was Sent A Food Order With The N-Word. A Manager Said It Was “A Joke.” - BuzzFeed
  • “Young people do stupid things. But the problem is that you’ve been doing stupid things since you were 15." - Federal judge to Broward-raised rapper Kodak Black - Brittany Wallman
  • Disturbing details are emerging from the @kodakblack1k sentencing: Prosecutors said Kodak was visibly under the influence of an unknown substance when he assaulted an officer, beating him so badly that the guard ended up in the hospital with a hernia. - South Florida Sun Sentinel
  • The student loan debt crisis is disproportionately burdening Black students. I have a plan to cancel student loan debt and help close the racial wealth gap. - Elizabeth Warren
  • ‘Snoobab’ (baboons spelt backwards) is a term used by white pupils to refer to black pupils at an Eastern Cape posh school. Aggrieved pupils from Kingswood College said they took to social media because nothing was being done by college management - City Press
  • Will Hurd, Only Black Republican in House, Is Retiring From Congress - Alyssa Milano
  • "41 percent of black freshmen at Ivy League colleges were IMMIGRANTS or the children of immigrants" That isn't the purpose of affirmative action, set-asides or racial preferences. IT'S TO MAKE UP FOR THE LEGACY OF SLAVERY IN AMERICA. - Ann Coulter
  • Two diagnosed with Black Death in Beijing as authorities rush to contain disease - ABC News
  • 2005: Kanye West blames the White House for slow response to Hurricane Katrina: "George Bush doesn't care about black people." 2019: Kanye West teams up with Joel Osteen, the pastor who locked the doors of his church during Hurricane Harvey. - Keith Boykin
  • I wrote about how we can both celebrate Tyler Perry for the doors he's opened for Black creators AND critique him for the quality and negative plot devices used in his work. - CARESHA PLEASE!!!
  • No criminal charges will be filed against two Colorado police officers after a grand jury found they were justified in killing a black teenager, who was shot three times in the back. - AP West Region
  • Black Christmas remake screenwriter defends PG-13 rating: 'Doesn't make it any less vicious!' - Entertainment Weekly


When I took this photo, I was sad. I don't remember, why I felt like that, though. When I look at it

When I took this photo, I was sad. I don't remember, why I felt like that, though. When I look at it now, I hate the not-existing smile, but I love my lips. So the point is this: E...