Instagram photos and videos #blackonblack Instagram photos and videos
  • So many members! So many moves! #nct2018_blackonblack - SBS PopAsia
  • The Tragedy of Baltimore - Ms. Moderate
  • Surveillance Photos Released As Search For Suspect In 1-Year-Old’s Shooting Continues - Jeffery Myers: UNLEASHED
  • The #blackonblack crime myth is so people don't have to care #blacklivesmatter - wHyZgUy
  • #blackonblack crime [email protected] the supreme Court level. Do read Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, for first time in years, speaks during arguments | - D L HICKMAN
  • #blm #alsharpton where are you to stop blackONblack murder - nyc
  • “I found my baby laying face down, shot in the head,..." Democrats look as FAR back as they can in order to avoid seeing what their dehumanizing policies have created TODAY. #blackonblack @stltoday - Jeffery Myers: UNLEASHED
  • Dissecting mythology behind #blackonblack crime. Hint: It’s poverty-on-poverty. Great read from St. Louis: - Arizona 🌊🌵🌊 Bill
  • #gunmassacre nobody cares about because its #blackonblack crime! 7 killed, 46 wounded in #chicago weekend #massshootings - Mark Kaczmarek
  • Cowards! The problem is the culture and the gangs in Black America. Broken homes, fatherless youth, nobody goes to church and God is illegal in schools. Not guns. SAY IT! #blackonblack - On Target
  • That was an only chance on blackonblack for Russia #bumblebee From Discover on Google - Wilhem
  • I wonder if @Blklivesmatter, @MSNBC or @CNN will remember this child's name ZION PERSON! My guess is no! Because the police or a white guy were not involved! BLACKONBLACK crime isn't news worthy and doesn't fit the narrative! - Donald Thornton
  • to stop with the #blackonblack crime narrative. Have you listened to #hln #crimestories? Lots of murder & they ain't Black. - justmeandmyythoughts
  • If #trump Repealed This We Could Get Ride Of #fakenews Tomorrow. - Just Looking 4 Some Truth In This World...
  • Where is the outrage over Black-on-Black Chicago Shootings? Tracking the Victims - Mark Estabrook
  • As summer violence rages on, a Chicago gang member’s jail recordings offer a rare look at the city’s entrenched #blackonblack culture of #massshootings - Elias McMahone; A Heathen.
  • #blackonblack #violence Shows How #africanamerican Culture Lacks Basic Respect For Human Life; BUT Why Was This Girl Allowed To Go Missing For 5 Days W/O Parents Reporting It? Another Problem? No Excuses! - The Chicago Way
  • Guess how many feminist and activists were outraged, shook to the core over the brutal beat down of this woman by a brutal n vicious,MAN????? None! #blackonblack crime is A-ok! WORD! Disneyland guests involved in violent viral brawl face multiple charges - Dave RoBarts
  • How black is #kamalaharris? My mamma and daddy is #black! She doesn't get it nor does #coreybooker! What the hell are these people doing about #blackonblack crime in the #innercities Cory Booker defends Kamala Harris over Don Jr's shared tweet - ChipandHamhocks


Absolutely love the new paint job (full respray)! Deep gloss black with rainbow fleck to tie in with

Absolutely love the new paint job (full respray)! Deep gloss black with rainbow fleck to tie in with my theme, in the sunlight this will really be gleaming 😍👊🏼 ***********...