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  • The spotlight tonight will be aimed at center-stage Warren, who since she launched her campaign in January has managed to shed the caricature of a bookish Ivy League professor to reveal herself as an earnest populist from Oklahoma #demdebate - TIME
  • Richard Booth rescued this Welsh-English border town by remaking it into a celebration of all things bookish. Though Booth is gone, his legacy in the town endures - Los Angeles Times
  • I don't know a single bookish woman who isn't excited about this: - Professor Amanda Vickery
  • What's a bookish moment in movies or TV you think about way too often? Mine is that scene in The Boy Next Door when Jennifer Lopez is given a "first edition" of The Iliad. - Eric Smith
  • Calling all @StephenKing fans! You can now check out the cover and an excerpt from his next book—#theinstitute! (via @EW) @ScribnerBooks @SimonAudio #stephenking #constantreader #mustread #bookish #coverreveal - Simon & Schuster
  • Lesson: If you're the grey-haired khaki-wearing rumpled-shirted bookish type, and a young woman happens to stop you in the street to tell you how attractive you are ... immediately go home to your wife. - David Harsanyi
  • If you're looking for more bookish podcasts, you may want to add these to your queue. - NY Public Library
  • Not strictly bookish, but loving today's #googledoodle celebrating the life and achievements of Lucy Wills - leading haematologist and pioneering prenatal care researcher. She was instrumental in discovering folic acid and its role in treating anaemia! - Read More Women
  • Profile of bookish Notre Dame DC Clark Lea, the most compelling philosophy professor on campus. “You can’t expect to enact change in someone if they’re not willing to hear you.” - Pete Thamel
  • If you want a more bookish Instagram timeline, these are the perfect accounts to follow. - NY Public Library
  • Welcome to town #awp2019! I put together this handy map of the best food, drinks, and bookish secrets you’ll need to know about this week. Enjoy! - Dustin Kurtz
  • Meet Bougie London Literary Woman: the bookish parody delighting Twitter - Guardian Books
  • Making sports an integral part of education is an excellent idea and essential to build character and inculcate fearlessness, without which one cannot be successful irrespective of any amount of bookish knowledge. @KirenRijiju - Subhash Kak
  • From Wang Dan: 30 years ago, a short-lived movement catapulted me into the public eye, turning me from a shy, bookish student of history into a passionate and idealistic leader of several million protesters. For that, I paid a hefty price. - New York Times Opinion
  • If one of your bookish goals this year is to read more novels by women, @BuzzFeedBooks/@shylawhittney has the perfect list of recs for you! Including @HHoangWrites @thebestjasmine @ChanelCleeton & Anissa Gray! - Berkley Romance 📚
  • Home Office refusing African researchers visas - based on skin colour and whether or not they wear bookish glasses - AR Harrison-Dunn
  • Elwood, the bookish, young hero of Colson Whitehead’s superb seventh novel “The Nickel Boys," is inspired by the Civil Rights Movement but lives in a place where its message in the early 1960s barely registers. - Chicago Sun-Times
  • #review | This novel about bookish teenage lovers is literary Bollywood at its best @TheHinduBooks @TheHinduMag - The Hindu Magazine
  • "A cross between BuzzFeed, Entertainment Weekly, and the romance novel site Romancelandia, Frolic aims to engage the kind of bookish" WHO IS KEEPING THE ROMANCELANDIA WEBSITE A SECRET??? - Melinda


Čerčil je bio poznat po svojoj sposobnosti brzog čitanja ogromnih količina teksta i brzog shvata

Čerčil je bio poznat po svojoj sposobnosti brzog čitanja ogromnih količina teksta i brzog shvatanja ključnih tačaka onoga što je pročitao. Interesantno je možda napomenuti...

Za sve ljubitelje istorije i istorijskih ličnosti, ili (auto)biografija generalno, naša izdavačka

Za sve ljubitelje istorije i istorijskih ličnosti, ili (auto)biografija generalno, naša izdavačka kuća je pravi istorijski kutak. Iz biografija se uči. Znanje je nešto što V...