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  • A British Shorthair cat waits during the jury session at the International pedigree dog and purebred cat exhibition in Erfurt, Germany, June 2, 2019. - USA TODAY
  • I've never felt more misunderstood. #britishshorthair #catsoftwitter I got British shorthair! - Rachel
  • Watch Fluffy British Shorthair Kittens Play And Chill - Sami Main, CLC
  • Aaaaalrighty then! Here's a story about a Chinese pet detective who uses heat detectors, cameras that slide through small spaces and ... a blow dart loaded with a tranquilizer to find lost dogs and cats. Can he find Duoduo, a missing British shorthair? - Laurent Thomet 卢鸿
  • gosh.. aren't I the cutest.. I got Corgi and British Shorthair! - faradiana
  • RT YES! @DaniBevins Need a break from #kevenge? OK: Painfully cute British shorthair kittens wake up from a nap - Dee Madigan
  • I got Brie and British Shorthair! - paty
  • Seven months after Huang Yu's pet cat Garlic died, the British shorthair was given a 10th life. - Dawn.com
  • "The cat, formally known as Grand Champion National Winner Divine Design's Leviticus of Naumkeag — call him Levi — is a blue British shorthair. He is mellow, with the confidence and reserve one expects of a winner" - anna hossnieh
  • Meet must-have British Shorthair breed which is loved by celebrities - Susan
  • British Shorthair International Cat Day: What your favourite cat says about you - Susan
  • Thanks go to ⁦@sainsburys⁩ from Barney and Tilly (British shorthair cats) who I serve. Daily. Sainsbury’s becomes first major supermarket to stop selling fireworks - Garden Gnome
  • “In my heart, Garlic is irreplaceable,” said Mr. Huang, who dug up his British shorthair and put the cat in his refrigerator in preparation for cloning him. - Zoë Bernard
  • Watch | It cost Huang Yu roughly $35,000 to get his pet cloned. The British shorthair is #china's first cloned cat. - The Hindu
  • Is your feline looking a bit chunky? Then you might need these five ways to get your cat into shape - mookie
  • 18 thousand pounds and celebrity driven. Upsetting is all the ignorance in this article about why this cat is better than shelter cat. So uninformed. Meet the must-have British Shorthair breed which is loved by celebrities | Daily Mail Online - Madeline Bernstein
  • Yay! I've always thought Lizzy was this breed! I got her at the animal shelter so her heritage and kittenhood is a mystery ~~ I got British shorthair! - 𝓡𝓪𝓬𝓱𝓮𝓵 💘
  • British shorthair cat wearing an Elizabethan ruff celebrates #shakespeare400 on the Moscow metro. - Shakespeare Magazine
  • Pugs are anatomical disasters. I hope the same isn't true for British Shorthair cats, my favourite stocky breed. - Rob, the plebeian