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  • Anticipating increased tensions caused by income inequality, some of the world’s wealthiest people are creating luxury bunkers. - The New Yorker
  • Go inside Trump’s anti-impeachment spin factory, run from a bunker under the Oval Office. My latest. - Sarah Ellison
  • [email protected] deploys the word TREASON like a patriotic bunker buster. "treason isn’t executed in the old ways of secret meetings, furtive brush passes, or encrypted messages. No, the traitors of today show us their cards on cable TV" - Eric Garland
  • Getting creative. - Wendy Bryce
  • IRS Found 1.2 Million Cases of Identity Theft by Illegal Immigrants (By Theodore Bunker, Friday, 16 Mar 2018 ) - Tony D
  • Richard Ballard, co-founder of Growing Underground, decided to turn an unused Second World War bunker under the streets of London into a vertical farm. - CBC News
  • "In one of these shelters, 33 metres below Clapham High Street in southwest London, sits the world's first subterranean farm, called Growing Underground." - LophiusPat
  • How did he afford it on a salary of 450k times 8yrs plus his homes and a bunker. I smell Ukraine Obamas pay close to $12M for Martha’s Vineyard home on nearly 30 acres | - Buck Rodgers
  • I feel like 40-60% of male authors have lived their entire lives in a bunker and have only heard about women through whispered rumors. - big booty goth gf
  • Though Poland paid to build the storage sites, its people had no idea their country was home to hundreds of warheads - National Geographic
  • 73 years ago — Italians hung corpse of their former dictator Benito Mussolini upside down next to a gas station in Milan Two days later, Adolf Hitler committed suicide in his bunker beneath the streets of war-ravaged Berlin. Fascism, it appeared, was dead - fj
  • Story of Syria's female medics working in underground bunker told in film - Johan Vandenneuker
  • "The Cave", to be screened in Britain from Friday, tells the story of Amani Ballour, a #syrian medic who worked in a fortified underground hospital during the five-year #siege of Syria's eastern #ghouta region - The Jerusalem Post
  • What it’s like to work for a conspiracy theorist: a tale from i side Alex Jones’ Infowars bunker - Ryan Heath
  • He’s waited 20 years to use it but Ian Patton’s underground bunker has won the praise of firefighters battling the blaze down the south coast. - The Daily Telegraph
  • Apple pie is a great way to appreciate the variety and diversity of this incredible fruit — especially when it comes from the man known as the "The Apple Whisperer." (From @PBSFood) - PBS
  • 49ers bunker in Florida after getting ‘sloppy’ in loss to Ravens - Inside the 49
  • #occupiedkashmir and status of education after Aug 4. #standwithkashmir Kashmir's schools, colleges double up as bunkers for military; students forced to depend on tuitions, notes in absence of classes - Firstpost - Zeekash
  • "Classrooms that were once populated by students are now serving as a shelter for hundreds of the paramilitary troopers, who were stationed in #kashmir following the abrogation of Article 370 on 5 August". #standwithkashmir #kashmirstillcrying - KashurScientist


Been scrolling through your suggestions on what to do with the WW2 bunker (thanks for the feedback).

Been scrolling through your suggestions on what to do with the WW2 bunker (thanks for the feedback). It seems a lot of you want me to clean it up and restore it. Could be a good wi...