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  • seems a bit inhumane but kill kill everyone last of them..BBC News - Holey Artisan cafe: Bangladesh Islamists sentenced to death for 2016 attack - bwalya simfukwe
  • Now-fired Chicago police Supt. Eddie Johnson was seen on video drinking for hours with a woman who was not his wife at the popular Ceres Cafe, sources told the Tribune. Later that night, Johnson was found in his car at a stop sign, slumped over the wheel. - Jason Meisner
  • "It's a lot of work being homeless." Josiah Wood has a full-time job at the Hard Rock Cafe, but he and his family are living in a tent city with no running water -- it’s a 45-minute bus ride just to take a shower. - 60 Minutes
  • Is it possible for a cafe to go zero-waste and be inclusive? Members of the disabled community say that they need single-use cups, and that when cafes don’t provide them, it is a form of discrimination. @janellebitker has the story: - San Francisco Chronicle
  • "There was a rush of people running into the cafe...people rushed in, immediately the manager ran and shut the door and locked it, and everybody basically dove under the tables," says a witness who was at a cafe near London Bridge during the incident - CNN International
  • Q-pot CAFE.から“ネズミ&チーズ”モチーフのパフェ&アフタヌーンティー、年末年始限定で - - Fashion Press
  • Disgusting! What in the Actual F**k? Rarely am I lost for words - but in this case, I feel sick! - CharlieJordanDesigns
  • More Eddie Johnson details: When officers found him slumped over, Johnson rolled down the window on his police vehicle part way, flashed his superintendent’s badge and drove off. He was at popular/boozy bar Ceres Cafe for hours with a woman beforehand. - Gregory Pratt
  • in relation to the above tweet, during that early summer campaign, a pop-up store w/c sold limited edition svt items was also opened. aside from that, a seventeen-themed cafe was also opened in that mall. Full article: - 🍋
  • Bangladesh sentences seven to death for 2016 cafe attack - Baz ji
  • Demi Rose in a Black Blazer Arrives at the Cafe Royal in London 11/14/2019 - Demi Rose Looks
  • Young man 'attacks diner with a seagull in a busy café' scumbag yob hope he gets what's coming carma - Nuala Moran 🌸💗
  • Not everyone is a fan - Nuneaton News
  • Pictured: Man accused of punching pregnant Muslim woman at Sydney cafe Man accused of launching a shocking attack on pregnant Muslim woman at a cafe is unmasked for the first time - as he tells judge he doesn't want a lawyer and intends to plead guilty - Indian Muslimahs
  • Hooray! Haley House Bakery Cafe is coming back! #roxbury - Joyce Linehan
  • Demi Rose in a Black Blazer Leaves Elan Cafe in London 11/18/2018 - Demi Rose Looks
  • Coventry is about to get its own cat cafe - RAS
  • A Bangladesh court handed death sentences to seven members of a militant group on Wednesday for their role in an attack on a cafe in 2016 that killed 22 people, mostly foreigners, in the south Asian nation’s worst such incident. - Dawn.com
  • Marnie devastated as her cafe opening doesn't go to plan - Hollyoaks Spoilers


Багато, багато італійського ВИНА та антіпасті!😇 🔥КЕЛ

Багато, багато італійського ВИНА та антіпасті!😇 🔥КЕЛИХ сухого -59 грн.✨М’ясні/сирні АНТІПАСТІ - 35...

sudabucks☕ Challenge(。•̀ᴗ-)✧ 今回のMENUは🍀 スフレパンケーキ🥞💕 白身

sudabucks☕ Challenge(。•̀ᴗ-)✧ 今回のMENUは🍀 スフレパンケーキ🥞💕 白身と黄身を分けて・・・ ホワホワに泡立て器で✨ メレンゲを...


- 난 아직 받을 복이 많이 남았나봐😊 . . 그건그렇고 옷은 많고.. 행벅한 과

- 난 아직 받을 복이 많이 남았나봐😊 . . 그건그렇고 옷은 많고.. 행벅한 과부하 :)...

-. 오늘의 지용시 상태 세 줄 요약. —— 1. 카페를 못가서 인태기 쎄게올 것

-. 오늘의 지용시 상태 세 줄 요약. —— 1. 카페를 못가서 인태기 쎄게올 것 같은. — 2. 오늘 프로젝트 대회에서 발표를 한 것일까, 코미...