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  • Facebook is secretly using your iPhone’s camera as you scroll your feed - TNW
  • Traffic camera captures moment rocket explodes on busy highway in Israel as Gaza militants launched barrage of rockets after Israel killed Islamic Jihad commander. - ABC News
  • In photograph after photograph, there it was: the silver-backed chevrotain. It appeared in daytime, usually alone. The cameras had captured the species on 208 separate occasions. - NYT Science
  • #biggboss13: #rashamidesai points out that the Bigg Boss cameras are showing a different story - TOI - TV Times
  • 1. Bug or feature, Facebook keeps immolating itself and us when it comes to dignity and privacy. 2. Also need a Mac-style indicator light on iPhone and iPad, locked to the Secure Enclave, so you absolutely know when a camera or mic is hot. - Rene Ritchie
  • Elusive Vietnamese animal ‘rediscovered’ Camera traps have recorded the first images of the silver-backed chevrotain in the wild - Paul Knoepfler
  • WATCH: Traffic camera captures moment a rocket from Gaza hits a highway in central Israel, narrowly missing vehicles. Gaza militants launched heavy rocket fire after Israel killed an Islamic Jihad commander in an airstrike - CBS News
  • Scientists thought this 'mythical' mouse-deer was extinct -- until they caught it on camera More photos and video here: - ABC Science
  • “I was caught in a private moment of frustration...” Give me a break. If you’ve got a camera in front of you in a studio with a mic on, you’re not in private. What a bunch of baloney. Own it, @arobach. Shame on @abcnews. God bless the victims. - Janice Dean
  • Teleaha says she was made to remove her shirt, then her bra by two male police officers on the side of a busy road. She says this was while she was facing a shop where a man behind the counter could see everything and with security cameras rolling. - David Shoebridge
  • Delhi Police vs Lawyers: Attack on DCP Monika Bhardwaj by lawyers caught on camera, NCW asks police to take action - OpIndia.com
  • "glasses aren't allowed" is trending in Japan after a TV program about companies that don't allow women to wear glasses at work aired today. Korea had a similar debate last yr after a female anchor broke ranks and wore glasses on camera #メガネ禁止 - isabella steger
  • A blazing meteor lit up the night sky in St. Louis, Missouri, and was caught on video by excited residents, security cameras, and doorbell cams - CNN
  • No other park in Hyderabad is currently charging a fee as high as Sanjeevaiah Park for carrying a camera inside. At the Hyderabad Zoo, the camera fee is Rs 100, at Salar Jung Museum it is Rs 50. - TNIE Telangana
  • Elusive fanged mouse-deer caught on camera after disappearing for almost 30 years - CBS News
  • Robert Freeman, who photographed the Beatles for their albums, died on Nov. 6. “There was no makeup, hairdresser or stylist — just myself, the Beatles and a camera,” he wrote in a 2003 book about his stark picture on “With the Beatles." - The New York Times
  • Facebook users are noticing a bug that lets the app access their iPhone's camera while they're scrolling through their newsfeed (FB) - HP Targeting, Inc.
  • Red Deer surveillance camera registry exceeds expectations months after launch - CBC Edmonton
  • Dancer flips into BBC presenter on camera in hilarious live TV gaffe - Daily Mirror


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🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡 بگذار دوستت بدارم تا از اندوه دور بمانم؛ تا از تاریکی بِرهَم تا از زشتی دور شوم بگذار...

Жизнь надо проживать так ,-чтоб чувство танца не покида

Жизнь надо проживать так ,-чтоб чувство танца не покидало тебя никогда .Как только оно тебя покидае...

"Hate will harm yourself, then still strong when what you don't like come. Because heart clean without there is a sense of hate on the other guy will feel the peace"...🌲🌲🌲...