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  • A Pennsylvania state lawmaker said this week she plans to resign after prosecutors announced corruption charges against her, alleging she used $500,000 from her own charity to fund a personal expenses—including fur coats, vacations and her campaign - CNN
  • One argument against a wealth tax is that billionaires already give a lot of their money to charity. The only problem is that, for the most part, they don't. - Ezra Klein
  • The interesting thing here is the way that a leading comedian who spends much of his life in the liberal BBC echo chamber was so certain of the rightness of his views that he just lazily assumed the whole world agreed with him. - Paul Embery
  • Nish Kumar gets frosty reception at Lord's Taverners charity feast - The Guardian
  • Leftist BBC comedian Nish Kumar hit with a bread roll & booed off stage after ranting about Brexit. - Rita Panahi
  • Hockey fans covered the Hershey Bears’ home arena with more than 45,000 teddy bears in a record haul for charity. Stuffed animals from the annual ‘bear toss’ are donated to local schools, food banks and other groups ahead of Christmas. - ABC News
  • Sometimes it's like I'm in a low-budget The Matrix (climate edition). Once you're aware of things, you see them everywhere. People in parked cars with the engines on, overheard talk about the next cheap flight, & shops full of pointless, damaging crap. - Stuart Capstick 🌡️🌏
  • The charity estimates that customers in the UK will buy 12 million Christmas sweaters this festive season — despite already owning 65 million — and that two in five of these garments will be worn just once over the holiday period - CNN International
  • A perp allegedly sexually abused a 3 y/o boy. A judge sets bail, and @BronxFreedom paid it. After he was free by the criminal advocates, Luis Olivo was then arrested for allegedly groping 8 y/o girl. This is a disgrace. - NYC PBA
  • Spectators of the Pennsylvania pro-hockey team the Hershey Bears donated 45,650 toys to local charities at the annual Teddy Bear Toss. The hockey tradition invites fans to chuck stuffed animals onto the ice after the home team sinks its first goal. - CNN
  • This actress from the Philippines has donated over 15 million pesos in the past decade to fund charities in disaster relief, education and the political rights of indigenous people. - Forbes Asia
  • Christmas jumpers add to plastic pollution crisis, says charity - Guardian Environment
  • This is why the NCAA will never allow NIL rights to players. Because STEPHEN F. AUSTIN would gain an unfair advantage! Clearly, only SFA, its coaches and administrators can profit from that amazing upset! That’s the only fair way! Please. - Jay Bilas
  • Watch the Avicii all-star charity benefit show featuring David Guetta, Adam Lambert, Rita Ora, Aloe Blacc and Kygo streaming live from Stockholm - Rolling Stone
  • Before the recession hit, 66% of Americans donated to charity. Now just 55% do. So many people rely on charities. But when people can barely afford to maintain their own lives, how are they supposed to help support others? - Dan Price
  • A consultant known for urging cities to stop “enabling” homeless people, in part by blocking charities from handing out food, has been tapped to lead the agency that coordinates the federal government’s response to homelessness. - Julia Davis
  • I'm curious... If you STEAL $100M playing golf, but you donate .1% of that to charity, does it make you LESS of a crook? Nah, I didn't think so. - BrooklynDad_Defiant!
  • Katherine Jenkins - what an utter legend * Intervenes when elderly woman attacked * Gets mugged herself * Identifies the suspected mugger * Goes on to perform at charity concert - Francis Keogh
  • Comic Nish Kumar booed off stage at charity bash - BBC News (UK)


So we were just involved in an impromptu photo shoot (so glad we dressed for the occasion) - we can

So we were just involved in an impromptu photo shoot (so glad we dressed for the occasion) - we can’t thank you enough for being involved in our Bush Bash Christmas drive! We wil...

With the inspiration of Saint Dr Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan, welfare works have been carried o

With the inspiration of Saint Dr Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan, welfare works have been carried out in last week of September in various blocks, districts and states to celebrat...