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  • Lee Anderson, the Tory candidate caught staging a doorstep chat made sexist Facebook posts: "I specifically spoke to Brandon Lewis... So there is no way they can say that they did not know about this many months before he was selected as the candidate" - liane #VoteLabour2019 🌹
  • “Knock knock” “Who’s there?” “GETYATITSOUT!!!” - Alex REGISTER TO VOTE 🌹 THEN VOTE LABOUR
  • 4) #alqaeda-linked groups are already starting to look to RocketChat, an open-source messenger that allows for self-hosting, often making it virtually helpless to intervene. ISIS has had its own RC server for more than a year, which has not been disrupted. - Rita Katz
  • While NATO leaders are professing unity as they gather for a summit near London, several seem to have been caught in an unguarded exchange on camera apparently gossiping about U.S. President Donald Trump. - The Associated Press
  • Your Angry Uncle Wants to Talk About Politics. What Do You Do? - buzz sawyer
  • Good Morning Britain fans cringe during 'AWKWARD' Ade Edmondson chat - Daily Mail U.K.
  • Tory caught staging doorstep chat is odious sexist, says Anna Soubry - Anna Soubry
  • Think your Thanksgiving was rough? Imagine having to explain to family members that your company isn’t responsible for destroying democracy. Story w/ ⁦@MikeIsaac⁩ on how FB made a chat bot to help their employees get their angry uncle off their back. - Sheera Frenkel
  • “What’s frightening about AI isn’t terminators and super intelligent machines: it’s the way AI works to centralise knowledge and power in the hands of those who already have it and further disempower those who don’t.” Great to chat with @marievonboran - Meredith Whittaker
  • Snoop Dogg Appears On TV Show And Hands Out Weed To Solve Everyone's Problems - Global English
  • I love #watchmen, very, very much. Here's a quick chat with Damon Lindelof about what just went down: - Josh Wigler
  • We chat with Bloodshot director Dave Wilson about the first Valiant superhero movie and why Vin Diesel was so adamant about playing this unkillable assassin. - IGN
  • “He’s a terribly kind person”, @RealLorraine chats to @EleriSion about @PiersMorgan and much more. Listen again to the full interview via @BBCSounds: - BBC Radio Wales
  • “Artificial-intelligence judges, cyber-courts, and verdicts delivered on chat apps — welcome to China’s brave new world...” - Nick Short 🇺🇸
  • It wasn’t easy to convince these Hong Kong and mainland Chinese students to talk about #hongkongprotests publicly, but when they did sit down to chat, I was surprised by the openness of the conversation. - Xinyan Yu
  • Let’s chat about how outrageous it was that Barron’s name was used this week. Let’s make sure there are so many news stories. Let’s make sure Barron is okay. That’s he’s warm and cared for - - Allana Harkin
  • Great chats with Chris Stark & Scott Mills this morning on on @bbc5live . Colin Murray joined us for a chat too. - Rick Astley
  • Cool story. How you getting on fighting for the many against the few? Had a chat with Dorinda Duncan on behalf of these people yet? Or are you not really bothered about kids and families losing £90k to your activists? #votetory #labourdoorstep - Connectyourmomentum
  • Google rolls out a chat feature in Google Photos — use it before it’s axed - TNW




Heated Basket V2.0. Probably need to come up with a better cover idea. That old flannel is a favorit

Heated Basket V2.0. Probably need to come up with a better cover idea. That old flannel is a favorite of his but I think we can do better. I'm open to suggestions. There's a part 2...